awesomization begins in 3... 2... 1...

Hi! I’m Fabeku!

(That’s fah-BAY-koo for my phonetic cadets.)

I play with drums + gongs, rattles + singing bowls.

I jam with symbols + superheroes, imaginary mentors + dead rock stars, life purpose + personal power ballads.

And I work with creative supernovas – artists, writers, coaches, consultants, yogis, doctors, research scientists and web wizards.

People who want to shift their inner terrain + capture the pure essence of their purpose + rev up to full-throttle momentum + awesomize their entrepreneurial enterprises.

You don’t necessarily need to know that I’ve done this sound stuff for twenty years.

Or that I’ve trained with indigenous elders and mastered the art of interior landscape mapping.

You don’t even have to understand the mechanics behind the mojo amplification you’re going to experience.

Just show up with what’s shakin’ + a bucket of curiosity + the willingness to dive in.

I’ll take care of the rest.

The results sing for themselves.

yeah, that's a ninja.

“i’m dazed + confused!”

First visit to the punk rock sing-along in my head?

No worries.

Here’s a torch to light the way.

“you’re the one that i want!”

Oooh oooh oooh, honey.

Explore all the totally deelish ways we can work together.

(There’s only four. No need to cancel your evening roller-derby practice.)

“permission to prowl?”


Start with the blog + sign up for my newsletter love letter.

Grab some free treats + bounce into my shop.

yeah, that's a ninja.

blown away

Lynne GillisI was a little reluctant to get my hopes too far up. I wouldn’t have expected you to produce results when others haven’t been able to before…

But I was blown away.

I never in a million years expected to have the kind of epiphanies (yes, multiple ones!) that led to very quickly being able to work through the essence of my business, and creating such a strong touchstone for its future development.

I also did not expect to be walking away with such a clear understanding of what I needed to be doing next. It all fit together in a way that was so enlightening and organic and felt so completely on it and right… I truly do feel like I have won the lottery!

I was really surprised that we got to a place of such clarity about the foundation of my business so quickly. That clarity will eliminate hundreds of wasted hours, and set me and my business up so much better for success. I am enormously grateful for that. (read more)

Lynne Gillis

elevated my game

Julie StuartI had no idea what to expect from a sonic vroom session but I needed some insight into my business and my life. I needed someone to see into it for me. To see things I couldn’t.

And the stuff he saw for me – ooh la la!

The metaphor for my business is a tropical island and he saw a beach awash in precious gemstones, a fabulous flamboyant magenta flamingo (me) drawing people to the island and me doing my stuff not on just a boat but a yacht.

He elevated my game by an order of magnitude and gave me touchstones to animate my imagination. Because I’m a visual person and make a living by being visual, I totally didn’t expect a sound guy to deliver such rich fertile, detailed imagery.

And to have someone visit my tropical island and make it glisten and sparkle in ways I hadn’t seen gave me such a sense of inspiration, of being deeply supported in my vision of what I’m creating. (read more)

Julie Stuart

yeah, that's a ninja.

yes, you are. really.

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