a face near five flowers and a bumblebee and a house

get river + thunder

more goodness matters.

and, thankfully, there’s a lot of it in the world.

brilliant humans doing beautiful-and-meaningful-and-amazing things.

i spend a lot of time gathering goodness.

for you.
and for me.

that’s what i share in my river + thunder emails.

and, when i’ve made new art or i’m offering a new collaboration or teaching something i think you’d find goodness in, i share that, too.

you’ll also find the occasional divination to support you in your living-and-building-and-being.

and i share thoughts about things that make sense to share in this more private space.

i do these notes once-a-week-or-so.

sometimes less.
rarely more.

i’d love for you to be a part of them.

you can get river + thunder by dropping your specifics below.

thanks for saying yes.

i appreciate that.

and you.

get river + thunder

goodness for you, from me.