a snake biting its own tail, wearing a crown, encircling three crossroads


sometimes you want or need to go deeper.

to find the roots.
to listen to + sometimes remake what’s there.
to draw on the potency + clarity that comes from immersive support.
to have space to see + dream + build + sort while someone solidly has your back.

deeper isn’t always needed.

but, when it is, there’s no substitute.

three hours

in three hours, we move beyond looking at the landscape at a high level + delve into the nuances.

the subtle {and not} shapes of what you’re bringing +
the deeper shades of the questions you have.

we can sit with the subtext of what’s said + unsaid, making our context more comprehensive.

which adds even more depth + potency + precision to the support.

this expanded space also gives us greater opportunity to explore all three facets of the work – mark making + business building + divination – as needed.

or we have room to go to the depths of any one of these areas so that this collaboration reshapes things in ways that are deep + immediate + good.

structurally this collaboration looks like one three-hour long call so that we have the uninterrupted focus needed to give you solid support + strong momentum.

this is the go-to collaboration when you need your feet firmly planted on fertile ground with a clear heart + clear eyes + coherent doing.

this way of working works beautifully for a big something with lots of complexity or for an array of smaller elements you want to bring together, in whatever way, on whatever level, into a coherent unified whole.

cost: $1000 (includes an mp3 of our conversation)

three days

in three days, we can both look in great depth at the landscape + remix-and-repair-and-reimagine it, as needed.

one part crucible,
one part ceremony,
one part {re}construction site.

this collaboration provides inimitable support for getting started in a potent way or reorienting when things feel off track or expertly building your beautiful next.

there’s space for a renewed-or-refreshed vision paired with a concrete plan for the coherent construction of that vision.

and, because we have the goodness of several days’ worth of space, at some point in this collaboration we’ll actively plumb the depths of the Imaginal – the liminal place where creativity itself is born – for signs + symbols that will inform + potentiate our work, acting as sources of pragmatic guidance + insight + wisdom.

structurally this way of working looks like one two-hour call a day for three consecutive days, giving us six very solid hours of collaboration.

part of the power of this collaboration is in the momentum we build-and-sustain through working back-to-back.

this momentum becomes medicine that moves you forward in real-and-lasting ways.

rocket fuel, fast tracked.

this collaboration is intense + intensive.

asking a lot, but giving even more.

it lends itself well to those moments when you find yourself wanting meaningful clarity at your core + good change in self/work/world right here, right now.

if you’re ready-and-willing to show up + dive deep + hold the focus + do the work, this is an experience like no other.

the intensive focus shifts worlds, inside + out,
with remarkable speed + unmatched efficacy.

cost: $2000 (includes mp3s of our conversations)

if you’d like to collaborate, be in touch below.

tell me a little about what you need help with + i’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

if you’re not sure which way of collaborating would work best for you, reach out + we’ll sort it together.

hi! thank you for wanting to collaborate on good things. i appreciate that. {always.} my calendar for client work is always scheduled at least three to six months in advance. sometimes longer. that’s for all collaborations, whether an hour or three months. be in touch + we can coordinate when we’ll collaborate together on your good things.

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