a host of beautiful and powerful faces, one of which is wearing a crown


commissioning a painting is one of the highest {and coolest} forms of collaboration.

there’s an extra special kind of magic that comes from a piece created specifically for you, that, potentially, only you + the creator have seen.

which is why commissions are my favo(u)rite way of working +
where i place most of my focus.

and, because these pieces are talismanic, i have a specific way i do-and-dont-do this work.

i only make art in the style i work in.

i don’t make pieces to match the colo(u)r of your walls or your couch.

every piece starts with a clear focus.

a specific something you want help with + the way you want the painting to support you and your world.

to get to that in a good-and-clear way, we’ll have a phone conversation to talk about where you want some help + what kind of help would be most helpful + other specifics that matter.

we’ll also talk about whether you love the idea of seeing photos of the painting in progress or whether you want to wait to see the painting when it lands in your world.

the piece will be whatever the piece wants to be.

a talisman is {and should be} what it is.

that’s how the medicine stays strong-and-clear.

and i don’t make revisions or redo custom work.

this is what makes the very finest art.

art that i feel good about making.
and art that can best support you in the ways you want.

when requesting a commission, we start by talking about your budget for the work.

and, despite all the stuff people put on money, especially when it comes to art, there’s zero need for shame or static or apology or explanation around your budget.

custom pieces start at $600.

and, as with all my work, i know everyone’s working with different access to financial resources.

if paying for a piece in installments makes the collaboration more doable for you,
i’m always happy to make a plan that works for both of us.

your budget also determines the size of the piece which determines the timeline for creating it.

if we’re both a thumbs up on the size + price + timeline, you’ll make a 55% non-refundable deposit + we’ll schedule our conversation + i’ll start the work.

because of the personal nature of custom work, i dont-and-wont-ever share photos of commissioned work here, on social media or anywhere else.

to request a commission, be in touch below.

i’m also available for collaborations on talismanic tattoo design, as well as commercial projects including album art + book covers + illustration work + other delightful happenings. shoot me a note to have a conversation about what you’re creating.

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