four good Ancestors over a row of stars, with a crown over their heads


and then there are times, in our making + living, when we know, in our bones, we need the kind of enduring transmogrification that can only come through truly sustained support + focus.

three months

in three months, both you + the entire landscape are reborn.

wholly changed.
at the roots.

the aim of this work is to very literally change your world + how you inhabit it + the marks you make in it + how you make those marks, in all the ways you want + need.

nothing less.

you define what that looks like for you + we both put the whole of who we are behind that from start-to-finish.

collaboration at this octave not only allows for the most
comprehensive approach possible, it necessitates it.

transformation + coherence of this magnitude require us to work at all levels, on all levels.

we begin this collaboration with a shared ceremony to support the scope + success of this work, followed by a comprehensive divination that gets us both pointed in the right direction in a good way from the start.

and we’ll touch base with the oracles as we go, tending to questions that come up + getting insight to coherently amplify our efforts.

and, in addition to the other good roll-up-your-sleeves work we’ll do, we’ll actively engage your Elevated Ancestors + the unique genius of your lineage as strong sources of support for-and-well-beyond our work together.

no experience required.
i’ve got you covered.

in this collaboration, we spend up to ten hours a month together for three consecutive months.

that time can be structured in a way that’s flexible.

which could look like shorter steady sessions every week or longer-and-more-intensive gatherings with extra space between them or anything else we might imagine.

and this can shift month-to-month, based on what you need + what the schedule allows for.

this means our collaboration can take the shape that best supports you.

the greatest power of this way of working comes through three months of mutual devotion to you + your evolution.

to the fullest possible invocation of you, built on the strongest + most coherent foundation we can build together, backed by fully rooted clarity + confidence + authority + agency.

what’s possible, in terms of transformation, changes entirely when we both commit-and-engage at the deepest level, in a lasting way.

cost: $10000 paid over three months (includes mp3s of our conversations)

longer collaborations are possible.

if you’d like to collaborate, be in touch below.

tell me a little about what you need help with + i’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

if you’re not sure which way of collaborating would work best for you, reach out + we’ll sort it together.

hi! thank you for wanting to collaborate on good things. i appreciate that. {always.} my calendar for client work is always scheduled at least three to six months in advance. sometimes longer. that’s for all collaborations, whether an hour or three months. be in touch + we can coordinate when we’ll collaborate together on your good things.

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