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when simple is what you need, there are two good ways we can collaborate.

20 minutes

you have a single simple question.

or even a big complex one you just want to advance a step or two.

we spend twenty minutes together sorting it.

twenty minutes doesn’t allow us to get into the depths.

this isn’t designed for that.

but we can-and-will help you to get beautifully clear on one single something so that you can keep moving forward.

this is solid shortform support at its best.

cost: $85 / $125 (includes an mp3 of our conversation)

there are two prices on purpose.

$85 is the standard cost of this collaboration.

$125 is the communal price that covers not only our time together but also an additional 20 minute call that’ll be given, at no cost, to someone who can’t otherwise access support.

both options are good + beautiful.

please pick the one that’s most doable for you.

currently unavailable

one hour

the most effective support always comes with context.

who you are.
how something looks in your world.
why things are {or aren’t} working for you.

having an hour together gives us more room to dig into the context around what you bring.

it might be one big thing with a few facets.

or a handful of smaller things that all fit together {or not}.

looking at not just the thing you show up with, but also the landscape it exists in, makes room for you to get the support you need that’s truly {and always} specific to you + your work + your world.

an hour allows us to work in a short focused burst.

when you show up clear on what you’re bringing,
we can cover an amazing amount of ground.

and sometimes you can’t show up clear.

which is why you’re showing up in the first place.

that’s good, too.

an hour gives us time so that the murkiness starts to give way to clear seeing + clear doing.

cost: $350 (includes an mp3 of our conversation)

if you’d like to collaborate, be in touch below.

tell me a little about what you need help with + i’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

if you’re not sure which way of collaborating would work best for you, reach out + we’ll sort it together.

hi! thank you for wanting to collaborate on good things. i appreciate that. {always.} my calendar for client work is always scheduled at least three to six months in advance. sometimes longer. that’s for all collaborations, whether an hour or three months. be in touch + we can coordinate when we’ll collaborate together on your good things.

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