a cosmogram that shows the way forward to good things


you’re a brilliant creative human looking for one {or maybe all} of the following things:

  • to dig deeper into the soul of your mark making
  • to find-and-inhabit the next octave of your creativity
  • to make confident-and-steady marks in your work + in the world
  • to build a thriving business connected to that work
  • to collaborate with your creativity as a spiritual practice
  • to sort the blocks to any-or-all of the above {once + for all}

i said creative humans.

not {just} artists.

because, when i say artist, it might be easy to think i {just} mean someone who paints or makes music or writes books.

and, while i work with a sea of creative humans whose mark making looks like that, i also work with plenty of people who make marks that take other shapes.

like teaching.

or spiritual practice.

or cooking.

or community organizing or helping parents or raising kids or loving people.

creativity is too big {and too beautiful + too vital} to be limited to {just} a few forms.

i know creativity as the very literal essence of life + self + world + all.

which means your art – your mark making – can be found in any-and-every facet of life, too.

being alive is art.

so, you’re an artist, even if you’ve never called yourself one.

and our collaboration engages with the art-of-you, however that looks.

you want to make marks in the world.

and to do it in a way where you inhabit the soul behind that mark making.

not in a fuzzy way.

or in the theoretical sense.

but in a way where you’re in direct dialog with the force behind your creativity.

the seed.
the spark.
the fuel.

you want to consistently-and-reliably-and-sustainably engage in clear-and-coherent collaboration with that profound {and profoundly beautiful} force.

all signal, no noise.

so that what you connect to + what you build from that connection is wholly you + fully real.

if you’re newer to your creative work, being able to recognize your creative voice is the cornerstone of rooting that great power.

to touching-and-seeing-and-knowing-and-living-from the core medicine your creativity carries.

and maybe you’re not new to mark making at all.

maybe you ache to move into the next octave of your work.

and you want to find, or build, clear bridges that take you deeper into what’s next.

which also requires shifts in identity so that you can see + inhabit this next octave.

this is the root of the root of the root that often goes unspoken, untended.

and not much gets done until we bring this piece into full view.

sometimes you find yourself confused.

unsure. unfocused. turning left-and-right. doubting. stopping. anxious in not-knowing.

entirely normal.

and easily fixed when you can turn to the soul of your work in listening.

you’re also filled with a bone-deep pull to make confident marks, consistent marks, steady marks.

marks full of potency that act as coherent transmission for what’s yours to say, to share, to offer, to invoke.

i get that yearning + want to help you travel the roads that fulfill it.

or maybe you’re feeling held back or held down somewhere or in a million somewheres in your creative work.

also normal.
and not forever.

that could be anything from carrying old stories that aren’t yours or living from an inherited or outdated identity that doesn’t support who you are at your core or feeling tied up in what you think your work is supposed to look like vs what it actually wants to be or thinking there’s only one road {that doesnt feel like home} to get there.

it could also be the idea that artists starve or that living from your creativity isn’t doable or that no one cares about the marks you make anyway.

all of this is very real.
and also wholly optional.

there’s a Yoruba proverb that says, even the sharpest knife cant sharpen itself.

even when we know these things can be shifted, we still need a skilled hand to lift ourselves out-and-past, to point us forward with new clarity + enduring momentum.

that’s what we do together.

your creative work might be the work you do – or want to do – in the world for money.

and it doesn’t have to be.

when you look at building a business, you don’t fit the usual mold.

you colo(u)r outside the lines.

and, as you look to the common maps, you feel like they don’t point to where you want to go.

or support the way you want to get there.

that road’s not your road.

if it was, you’d already be on it.

and the seen-everywhere marketing stuff doesn’t feel like a yes! to your bones.

you might feel like you have to make a decision between doing your creative work + having a business that actually works.

a business that’s sustainable + makes money +
supports your vision of success.

or choosing between building a business in a way that’s coherent with who you are as a human – what’s real + true + meaningful + resonant to you in your soul – versus following advice that, at best, isn’t a good fit and, at worst, feels inhumane + lacking in integrity.

to be clear.

you never have to make those kinds of choices.

not ever.

and maybe you struggle with marketing your work or talking about what you do or putting a price on your creative goodness or knowing how anyone would ever find you or who would even care.

all of that is entirely fixable.
i promise.

you’re tired of business building the usual way.

you don’t want a generic blueprint.

because, on some level, you know there can’t be one.

there’s only coherence.

and the ability + experience to skillfully translate what’s coherent into a pragmatic plan rooted in you + your unique way of both making marks and building a business.

you’re also someone who understands there’s a spiritual element to your creativity.

your mark making isn’t random.

it comes from some meaningful somewhere.

your soul.
your Ancestors.
your lineage.

which, fundamentally, makes your mark making a form of spiritual practice.

you get that on some level.

even if you you haven’t fully realized it enough to give it form.

and you’re both open-and-eager to figure out how that looks for you right now.

or you’ve already woven your creativity into your spiritual life.

now, it’s about rooting yourself more clearly in that + more actively centering your mark making as reliable oracle + offeringprayerceremonylistening + a primary source of great healing and support and balance and strength.

and maybe you’ve found that so many of the words + ways around spiritual practice seem ungrounded.

or disconnected.

or distant.

or dissonant.

your soul doesn’t nod in agreement.

you want something that’s alive.

real + rooted.

you want your soul fully present, fully engaged, fully expressed.

in short, whether with your mark making or business building or spiritual practice, you want more.

a different way.
a deeper dimension.
the next octave.

you’re not afraid of doing the work.

you’d just like to find something that actually works.

for you + for your art.

whatever that art looks like.

you’d also like some experienced-and-effective support in your corner.


let’s collaborate.