a face with a flower and all the good Ancestors behind them

about my art

art is how i navigate + understand + conjure + remix + articulate + inhabit the worlds around-and-inside.


in addition to my work with creative humans, i’ve been making marks of all kinds for over four decades.

it’s at the root of my spiritual practice.

painted prayers. offerings in shape-and-shade. a full-colo(u)r conversation with god-and-self-and-soul-and-you-and-this-and-all-of-it.

and, while my art – any art – can be enjoyed for entirely aesthetic reasons, my approach to mark making is wholly-and-holy talismanic.

not in a conceptual way.

but in the literal sense where art becomes ceremony.

where brush is blessed + canvas is consecrated + words are whispered into drying pigments that add living power, both loud + soft, through their enduring presence.

for me, art is an embodiment practice.

how i’m able to be {and continue to be} human.

a stack of blank gesso boards, a sign of hope.
spectrums of colo(u)r, the syntax of a sacred language.
spray paint splatter, an ex-voto.

art has literally saved my life.

i’m working from a lineage that includes

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Wifredo Lam

Indigenous Yoruba artists + arts across the African continent

Ade Oyelami

Iya Adunni Olorisa


Salvador Dalí

Kenturah Davis


Austin Osman Spare

Ouattara Watts

street art

Agnes Buya Yombwe

my aunt + uncle

my dad

Joan Miró


Jack Whitten

you can see pieces that are currently available or request a commission.

you might also be interested in an Ori Ire talisman made specifically for you.

if you have questions about my art + how it can live with you, be in touch.

i’m happy to hear from you + will get back to you within 48 hours.

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