a face with two flowers and a crown

our collaborations

i appreciate simplicity.

and clarity.

in the interest of both, these are the guidelines that inform all of our collaborations, in all forms.

working with me in any capacity affirms your understanding of + agreement to these guidelines.

my availability is limited.

requests for one-on-one work always significantly outpace available space.

when you schedule a space, it’s yours.

that also means that space isn’t available to other people.

so, there are no refunds once you schedule.

if you need to shift the when of our collaboration, the option is reschedule, not refund.

we’ll work to get you back on the calendar at the earliest possible date, keeping in mind that, at times, that could be several months out.

if you schedule an extended collaboration – three months, for example – you agree to pay the full amount for that collaboration, even if you decide not to see that collaboration through.

the same applies to the trainings i do.

enrollment in these trainings affirms your agreement to pay the full amount listed for the trainings.

this is true even when these amounts are broken down into monthly payments to support accessibility.

the option to pay monthly doesn’t change the agreement that you complete payment in full.

there are no returns or refunds on artwork, including commissions.

and all deposits for commissioned work are non-refundable.

if the art gets damaged between here + there, i’ll make a new piece for you.

i’m all in when we collaborate.
i ask for, and expect, the same from you.

your request to collaborate affirms your agreement with this all-in way of working.

thank you for being here.

i look forward to our collaboration.

one-on-one collaborations

please pick the coherent collaboration below.

after you’ve sent payment, you’ll automatically receive an email with a link to the calendar to schedule.

please select your spot(s) as soon as you get the link, as they tend to fill up quickly.


20 minutes


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(currently unavailable)

one hour


three hours

three days


three months


do you need to send money for international shipping? or for a custom collaboration we’ve discussed?

this is the best way to do that.

enter the amount we discussed + make the payment + you’re golden.

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