there's a good road

i don’t – and have never – given anyone money who’s selling their lifestyle {usually while pretending they’re selling something else}.

soaking in a tub in Paris.
sitting in a beach house in Mexico.
standing in front of an expensive car.
wearing designer anything.
or tossing around six-figure-this-or-that.

for me, what they’re selling isn’t interesting.

it’s also often not real.

at best, they’re selling a blueprint that maybe worked for them.

while pretending it works for everybody.

while, at a deeper level, playing on people’s pain + yearning + sense of not being enough.

no thanks.

i also don’t – and have never + will never – sell my lifestyle to anyone.

if you happen to want art supplies + charcuterie for your famous cat + Converse, awesome.

but i don’t want you to have my life.

i want you to build your life.

whatever that looks like for you.

if that’s Paris, that’s perfect.
if it’s a tiny apartment somewhere that allows you to live a life that’s uncomplicated, that’s perfect, too.
if it’s $50,000 a year or $5,000,000 a year, perfect.

there are no blueprints in my work.

because i know they’re not real.

so do the giant list of clients who show up in my world after wasting a lot of money + a lot years trying to make them real.


i’m not playing the game of asking you to compare yourself to me to make you feel like not enough so that you give me money.

i’m not selling shadow aspiration.

again, no thanks.

you’re plenty + beautiful.
your vision for your life is blessed.
there’s a good road that will get you there.
there are real foundational things that support that in effective ways.

and that’s what we do.

forward with river + thunder.

p.s. anything that has real medicine never needs to be marketed from a position that says you’re not enough.