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hope cosmogram #6: hope is assured

in homage to Osumare, the rainbow serpent who keeps the world intact

pencils + ink + acrylic + spray paint + wax pigments + genuine 23.75 karat gold leaf + the joy of sunflower + being sustained by holy forces + a basket of jewels for you + good things that grow {and grow and grow} + the capacity to always hold to the light on gesso board

a talisman of living in unwavering hope + unbroken joy

16” round


– sold –

this work comes with a certificate of authenticity.

the price includes shipping + insurance in the united states.

if you live in other places, please be in touch before buying.

if paying for this work in installments makes it easier for you to give it a home, please drop me a note + we’ll find what works for both of us.