a head looking at a flower and a bumblebee, wearing a crown


please read this page in full before sending your first payment.

you’ve asked to buy the metaphysics of love.

thank you.
i appreciate that.
and you.

you’ve also asked to pay in installments.

from our conversation, we’ve agreed that you’ll pay two (2) payments in the amount of $250, making these payments every two weeks until the total amount of $500 is paid in full by October 28, 2022.

you also understand that this piece has been reserved for you.

which means it’s been marked as sold on the site + isn’t available for anyone else to purchase.

and, because of that, you understand that all of your payments are non-refundable + that you’ve agreed to complete the purchase of this piece by the date above.

you also understand that your piece will be shipped once you’ve completed all the payments.

these payments will be made automatically.

if your payments get canceled for any reason, you’ll be expected to pay the remaining balance in full within seven days.

if the balance isn’t paid in that time, all of your previous payments will be forfeited + the piece will be made available for sale again.

you’re also welcome to pay the balance in full earlier than agreed upon.

if you’d like to do that, send me an email + i’ll gladly tell you how that can be done.

thank you for understanding + agreeing to + respecting the above.

and thank you for buying my art.

custom payments for the metaphysics of love

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2 payments of $250 over two weeks