Pow! Pow! Pricing
Friday, June 21st/4:00 – 5:30 pm eastern | $24

A few of the fab facets we’ll cover:

  • The orbits of your business + their direct link to pricing your shizzle
  • Common pricing games you seriously shouldn’t play
  • When + where + why you should feel a little tense about your prices
  • Right pricing as a critical part of conjuring coherence
  • The value of things that seem intangible (but totally aren’t)
  • Two radically different perspectives on pricing + how to switch seats
  • The relationship between pricing + resonance (and how to tell when it’s right)
  • What’s readiness + responsibility got to do with it? (Hint: everything)

You’ll leave knowing:

  • The one thing you absolutely have to grok before you can really price your shazam
  • Why pulling prices out of thin air is an expensive strategy + what to do instead
  • The usual spots where people get in their shit about pricing + the appropriate antidotes for each
  • A step-by-step way to set your prices that works for everything (no calculator required)
  • How to put a price on your superpower (for real)
  • A hawt haus navigational tool that pretty much solves all your pricing problems
  • Why the blahblahblah-repeated-everywhere advice of “don’t trade time for money” might be fucking up your cash flow, like, whoa

A recording of the call + a stylish PDF + at least one magically delicious surprise is included in every box.


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$24 (Which is way cheaper than The Smiths box set. Less mope-ey, too.)


  • You want to rock your magnum opus in a way that works for you + still make the monies.
  • The usual business blahblah has left you bored to tears + wanting more.
  • You’re open to being stretched a little. (In fact, you find it kind of exhilarating.)


  • The thought of breaking out of the box gives you the shakes.
  • You expect to learn everything there is to know about something in one ninety minute call.
  • You’re easily offended by steady sweariness + generally colorful language.

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