rev-o-rama - get your motor runnin'

the gist:

A full day of play + kapow (at a virtual distance) designed to give you superconductive, full-throttle momentum on a specific project, ambition or directional decision.

the goal:

To get your master plan moving faster than the speed of a Ramones song + pour more YOU into everything you do.

the goods:

  • A vroom session before our first call to pull down the symbols that’ll illuminate the shazam of your situation + the soul of your business.
  • Three calls filled with strategic sorcery to unravel the why behind your what + the strut behind your skills. (Imagine if Lady Gaga was your life coach. It’s kinda like that.)
  • Independent work + scavenger hunt assignments complete with a mid-day checkpoint to make sure you’re soaring along.
  • mp3 recordings that capture every delicious word we utter.

the glee factor:

You can wear your monkey slippers, flop on your couch or sprawl out under a willow tree. Got a phone line? We’re golden.

the groove sauce:

You’ll get more done in a day than you ever dreamed possible.

the green stuff:


the go sign:

Sound off in the box below.

I’ll swoop back with a couple of prompts to check that our chemistry is spot-on + the straight dope on what to do next.

yeah, that's a ninja.

rev-o-rama, please!

yeah, that's a ninja.

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