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You want results. You need results.

Have no fear, fabulousness.

The magic we’ll make together is the perfect mix of power + pragmatism.

It goes deep. It rattles your bones (in the best possible way). It makes things different.

Deliciously so.

Take a peek at what a few of my clients had to say.

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Lynne GillisI have always been curious about what you do! But I wasn’t quite sure what to make of your work before our rev-o-rama session. I knew that I loved the way you write, and I have always had a very deep sense that you’re a truly authentic human being – but I never really got the whole music thing.

As things got closer, I was excited because I thought, “This isn’t someone who just thinks he knows what he’s doing – this guy actually understands the power of projective techniques to get people to think beyond their normal comfort zones and ferret out some meaningful insights.” The cool thing is that you made it all fun!

But I was a little reluctant to get my hopes too far up. There was definitely an undercurrent of anticipation I was feeling around the whole idea that I might actually finally be able to move beyond this stuck crud I’ve been hanging on to for far too long!

I wouldn’t have expected you to produce results when others haven’t been able to before… and so I decided to just not get myself all amped up with expectations, and instead to just let go and see what happened.

But I was blown away. At best, I thought I might gain some interesting insights that I’d be able to mull over as I continued to try to trudge through the sludge of stuck that I’ve been experiencing. I never in a million years expected to have the kind of epiphanies (yes, multiple ones!) that led to very quickly being able to work through the essence of my business, and creating such a strong touchstone for its future development.

I also did not expect to be walking away with such a clear understanding of what I needed to be doing next. It all fit together in a way that was so enlightening and organic and felt so completely on it and right… I truly do feel like I have won the lottery!

The images that you got during your sound session truly resonated with me, and perfectly described where I have been and how I’ve felt. To think that you got them before I even described anything is mind-blowing! It also made me feel like you really “got” me. In talking with you, I felt like I was not only being listened to, but that you deeply understood who I am and what makes me tick. HUGE! (Honestly, there were several points where I thought I’d cry tears of relief/joy!)

Also by distilling my business down to a single word, you gave me a platform from which to build my business that is hugely relevant, energizing, empowering, scalable and sustainable!.

The revelations that came out of the pre-session exercise were like a big, giant light bulb going off in my head. The only thing left for me to do is go out and get myself a sparkly cape and a magic wand. And maybe a tiara. Definitely a tiara. (grin)

The juiciest moment was coming to a place where I could literally feel the stuck, icky, blechy parts of the past couple of years begin to loosen and shift. I know it will take a little while to integrate all that I learned, but finding that shifting place – and truly being able to feel it move – HUGE!

I feel like a million bucks right now – energized and powerful and centered and clear. And there has never been a greater gift I’ve received than that. Truly, thank you.

I feel like I can transform both the business and myself in the way that I want to, without any of the resistance that had been keeping me so mired in the muck.

I was really surprised that we got to a place of such clarity about the foundation of my business so quickly. That clarity will eliminate hundreds of wasted hours, and set me and my business up so much better for success. I am enormously grateful for that.

You are all kinds of awesomeness and magic, Fabeku! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all that you’ve given me.

Lynne Gillis

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Erin Clarkas the rev-o-rama got closer i was getting excited about the fact that i was going to get to work with my business in the way that i work with myself and my clients – which is really empowering.

but i was skeptical that there would be a day’s worth of good work to do – substance, content. i’d read enough business growth stuff that it could have easily been redundant or.. light.

i have been given some useful business advice but knowing that most of my real blocks to success won’t have anything to do with just not knowing something mechanical about the process, i wasn’t sure that a meaningful connection would be made between where i was work-wise, where i wanted to go and my personal shtuff.

i really appreciated how you could flow with the serious moments and the fun moments. i didn’t feel awkward in doing the work that came up. we could dip into those inner murky places and then come out and weave it into business stuff without feeling self-conscious.

what was awesome for me was connecting my business goals with this chunk of inner work that i’ve been coming to from different angles and seeing it with some incredibly useful imagery.

i loved the imagery you collected from the sound sessions. i find that such a compelling and natural entry point into deeper explorations.

i was surprised by how tangible the work and progress and next steps were while still being personal and not just “here’s the next business step and the things you should know.”

i got some very specific, concrete and clear next steps and i’m really proud of my consult page that came out of the session.

the whole day passed in a flash. i was really in the zone – even between conversations. there was a sense of a container i was inside for that day that you prepared me for really deftly.

Erin Clark

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completely certain

Nona JordanAs a yoga and meditation teacher, I knew that sound and music have a profound effect on us, but prior to stumbling across Fabeku’s website, I didn’t have a preconceived notion of what sound healing was all about.

I had purchased the MP3 download of Fabeku’s work before our sound session, and had some amazing experiences simply listening to those tracks.

I honestly didn’t know if having a distance session would be at all helpful for my situation, but I felt a strong pull to do so and I simply went with that.

After listening to the description that Fabeku provided of his distance session with me, I felt completely certain that the sense of peace and being held that I felt during before, during and after surgery was directly impacted by his work.

As I am healing from surgery, I am listening to the sound track repeatedly. Every time, I feel like it nudges my body closer to healing more fully and completely.

I would definitely recommend Fabeku’s work to others, and will absolutely work with him again.

Nona Jordan

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practical, real ideas

Angel SullivanStarting a business can be totally nerve-wracking. There are all the bits about what if I’m not good enough, what if I fail, and I’m so afraid of being out there in front of all these other people. I had all of that and then some! All this crap can make it really hard to actually, you know, get anywhere.

In fact, I got to the point of being nearly paralyzed. I was so afraid that I was going to make a poor choice, and so I didn’t want to choose and didn’t want to take any action at all. Really bad news for getting a baby biz off the ground!

I’d already worked with Fabeku before and trusted his methods and ways of working. However when the opportunity came up to work with Fabeku through mojo, yo I was both excited and terrified.

I mean, here’s this dude who’s a big success and is just generally made of kindness and awesome… And then there I was, hiding out in a corner, afraid to make the jump my heart wanted. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to be able to really benefit from the sessions.

What if I couldn’t do what I needed to do? What if I was just wasting his time and mine? What if he’s a success just because of who he is and I can’t be that?

The bottom line, though, was that I knew I’d regret not trying… so I did.

We’ve had several sessions now, and I can safely say that had it not been for these sessions I would not be where I am now.

It was because of Fabeku that I came up with the idea to phase out my day job, rather than just walking in and quitting, like I wanted to. This worked fabulously well and gave me time to work on building up my businesses and getting used to the transition.

And my Your One Luscious Life Sessions were born. During one of my sessions with Fabeku, he was giving me feedback on the change in the way I was speaking when talking about something I felt passionate about… and it was directly from that feedback that the idea for these sessions was born.

He also helped me to massage my websites in a way that really made sense both for myself and for my tribe. This was invaluable and I feel so much more confident now in pointing folks to them. They feel super clear and full of the perfect energy now.

I have never once felt not good enough or looked down upon when talking with Fabeku. It’s just like a casual conversation with a trusted friend. It’s ok to take time to think about something when we’re chatting, and it’s perfectly fine if I don’t have an immediate answer to a question he asked. No pressure. No right or wrong. Just practical, real ideas on ways to work around (or through) the issues that I’m having. Just that simple.

I would whole-heartedly recommend mojo, yo to anyone considering them. They have been a game-changer for me and I’m sooo grateful.

Angel Sullivan

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elevated my game

Julie StuartI had no idea what to expect from a sonic vroom session but I needed some insight into my business and my life. I needed someone to see into it for me. To see things I couldn’t.

I was surprised by several things.

Part one: Fabeku is in his studio doing his thing while I was lying on my bed, and I could feel the whole thing in my body. Wow.

Part two: getting the recording and listening to it. Feeling deep unexplainable depths of energy. Being taken on a journey. Amazing.

Part three: my favorite part – the second recording. Fabeku describes what he saw in exquisite detail – while he was banging drums and making bowls sing. I have no idea how he’s able to create music and see vivid imagery and remember it all at the same time. That’s his magic.

And the stuff he saw for me – ooh la la! The metaphor for my business is a tropical island and he saw a beach awash in precious gemstones, a fabulous flamboyant magenta flamingo (me) drawing people to the island and me doing my stuff not on just a boat but a yacht.

He elevated my game by an order of magnitude and gave me touchstones to animate my imagination. Because I’m a visual person and make a living by being visual, I totally didn’t expect a sound guy to deliver such rich fertile, detailed imagery.

And to have someone visit my tropical island and make it glisten and sparkle in ways I hadn’t seen gave me such a sense of inspiration, of being deeply supported in my vision of what I’m creating.

— Julie Stuart

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power, magic and inspiration

Andrea SchroederBefore our session, I was skeptical when I first read about what you do.

But as I got to know you online, and seeing the way you are every day, I learned that I can trust you and I felt like you wouldn’t say it did work, if it didn’t.

Well it most definitely does work. That was my favourite healing experience ever. There is so much beauty, power, magic and inspiration in the way you work.

The session, and your notes especially, inspired and energized me. Like you plucked imagery, characters and stories from deep inside my inner world.

I recognized them immediately which on its own was a hugely healing experience. Having these characters and stories with me has changed everything for me.

The best part of it is, though, that it’s not that you, Fabeku, who made the stuck go away. It’s that you showed me where I was creating the stuck and then you made it go away. But when it starts to come back, I remember what I am doing that creates the stuck, and I stop doing it. And it goes away again. So the benefit carries on and on. It’s not a one time thing.

The session inspired me like crazy! I am a creativity coach so I am already really good friends with inspiration but this was like a big huge sparkly extra dose. I loved it.

If you are stuck, and willing to not be stuck, this is for you.

Andrea Schroeder

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a stunning transformation

Joely BlackFabeku writes a brilliantly warm and welcoming blog, and in all communication he’s open and engaging. He accepts everybody as they are, and that alone made me feel confident that he does his work with deep passion and commitment.

I’ve been completely blown over by the session and Fabeku’s feedback. He picked up on the core issue I’ve been struggling over for so long, which I hadn’t actually mentioned to him when we planned the central focus of the session itself.

Bringing it down to that one word, “fear”, cleared away all the morass of belief, thought and emotion to the real problem. I’ve never heard anybody describe me so effectively and perfectly, without knowing me very well.

I wasn’t actually that skeptical, to be honest. I do like my science and my double-blind research experiments, but I also have a deep faith that some things go beyond what can be currently measured. I was open to see what happened. I did feel odd telling other people that I had done this, but I think the effect on me over the following days demonstrated how effective sound can be.

There were so many immediate effects (feeling calmer, gaining a lot of insight into my situation) it’s hard to know where to start. But perhaps the most stunning transformation came a few days later. All my life I have struggled with crippling self-consciousness, especially when I’m out and about.

Suddenly, I found myself out with people I barely know, relaxed and perfectly happy to chat away and engage with them without a clawing sensation at the back of my mind that I was getting everything wrong.

This has stayed with me, and over the last week I’ve felt increasingly calmer. Major emotional trauma that nothing else has shifted has just evaporated into thin air.

Since I had the session a week ago, I’ve been increasingly relaxed. It has continued to work out everything from my deep-seated fears to little, tiny matters that I’d never realised I struggled with. I brought to Fabeku a problem that had been intractible for about five years, and he handled it with calmness and love.

I would definitely recommend Fabeku to others. He handles everybody with a grace and care, and inspires confidence. I’ve never encountered anybody who does his work and treats everybody with such compassion.

Joely Black

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an atomic explosion

Cher TracyI’d been trying to get a business going for a year and a half. I’d gone at it from sixteen different angles, but everything I tried either it wasn’t right for me, or I couldn’t pull it off, or I was chicken. I just couldn’t pull it all together.

I’d been trying so hard for so long that I actually hurt myself in the process. I lost my confidence, I had no direction whatsoever. I was done. I was ready to throw in the towel. I was looking through papers for jobs.

And then I took one last shot, and it was well worth it.

Fabeku is into ninjas, and the Ramones, and all that. Part of me doesn’t get it – my business head doesn’t get it– but part of me does. For him to be able to pull all those parts together and make it work so effectively, I figured, he’s got to know some magic. I need to know this magic. I think I can trust this magic. If he can do it for himself, maybe he can show me how I can pull together all these parts that are pulling me in different directions.

I was terrified. He helped me get over that terror, and that was huge. We’d be talking, and I’d realize, Wow. I’m feeling this again! I really love this. I really want to do this.

Fabeku has so much energy! He’s funny, and he’s so easy to work with, it’s amazing. It’s like you’ve known him forever, the minute you start speaking to him. It’s a real gift. And he has a wonderful memory, too. If you said something to him five months ago, he’ll remember it.

He pays attention in such a way that you don’t even realize that he’s paying such deep attention. He listens deeply. I felt uplifted and supported. He really believes in you. He’s not just sayin’ stuff, he actually cares. He made me feel like what I wanted actually counted, and that it might be useful to the world. It made me feel hopeful again.

Somewhere in the very first conversation, all of a sudden my creative muse turned on. He was hitting it right on. He was saying things that I couldn’t vocalize or even feel any more, because I was so locked up and so stuck.

And I lost myself in the conversation, because it was so fascinating to hear him. I’d throw out something that was confusing me, and he’d sort it all out into this nice neat little pile so I could apply it. That was the biggest thing for me. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to apply anything. But I was dead-on wrong about that. Everything was applicable and practical.

It was like an atomic explosion went off. Everything fell into place. I suddenly realized what I’m missing, what I need to do. Suddenly I had movement. I have all these ideas, and I know what to do with them! I have focus and a direction.

It was really, really easy, and it went really fast. I was totally shocked at how fast the process was. There’s just not enough I can say about how awesome it is to work with Fabeku, how comfortable he makes you feel.

Cher Tracy

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a weight instantly lifted

Dawn JenkinsI have to admit when I signed up for a session I had no idea what I was getting into! I didn’t know what to expect. Deep down, I felt compelled. It was needed.

I did a distance session, even though I didn’t think I would be aware of it. I was so wrong! I knew when it started. I knew when it ended and I was aware of so many things in between. I really didn’t understand my experience until I listened to your notes. I was amazed at how aware I really was. Any thoughts that it was only my imagination disappeared.

Your notes were so profoundly personal. You were right on target with everything you said! It was more the way you said them that hit home. You used exact phrases that I use. It was as if I had sat down and literally talked with you. They left no room for any doubts.

The session alone was an extraordinary experience! I would have recommended you just from the session and the feedback from it, but after realizing the benefits…wow! I can only give the highest possible recommendation to anyone who feels drawn to it. It is truly life changing.

The most obvious benefit I feel is the absence of stress and anxiety. A weight was instantly lifted from my shoulders. I used to say if I had nothing to worry about, I’d make something up. No worries now!

A situation no longer ruins my whole day and I’m not haunted by what ifs. I don’t get flustered when I have a million things to do. I can remember things! My recall really surprises me. And I no longer feel tired all the time! It’s not a struggle just to get up in the mornings and I sleep more soundly too.

I feel comfortable with people now! For as long as I can remember I’ve felt awkward around strangers and in social situations. I didn’t fit in. I wasn’t like them. Now it doesn’t matter if I’m like them or not, if I fit in or not. I’m just me – comfortably and happily me!

And it feels so good to laugh – really laugh. I feel a peacefulness. The chaos and confusion, which seemed to define my life, is gone.

Thank you Fabeku. I am extremely grateful for your care and concern during my session. It has made noticeable and positive changes in my life, practically overnight.

There is no doubt in my mind that all these changes came about directly from the sound session and I have the feeling I’ve only seen the beginning. I’ve truly received so much more than I imagined already.

I don’t know if I can ever thank you enough. Best birthday gift ever!

Dawn Jenkins

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totally amazing

Nicola WarwickFrom time to time I get stuck and when that happens I need a kick in the seat of my pants to get me back on track and also to uncover the cause of the stuckness. Sometimes you need a sound shaman to help you make that shift.

The feedback that Fabeku provided was totally amazing and hugely helpful. He showed me areas of my life where I hold back and clarified some of the things I should be working on – which actually included a few things I’d had on a back burner.

The symbols that Fabeku saw during the session were completely me! The tree has long been a symbol for me. And here was a glorious tree that reminded me of how symbolic trees have been and how I should renew that focus.

What Fabeku showed me was where I needed to reconnect and how I could do that, and what was holding me back. In some ways this was stuff I had been told before, but Fabeku saw it in a way that made greater sense than ever and created a way ahead for me.

The immediate benefit for me was the feedback which I listened to several times and wowed me with its perceptiveness. I love how this stuff works even across oceans!

One of the first things I did was look at work I’d been doing that I had shelved and realised that this was part of my core work. I also used the tree symbol, which has always been something close to my heart, all over my website! The biggest area was energy and where I needed to shift some. This took a while longer but once I identified the root cause, the changes came quickly.

I am so grateful to Fabeku for his generosity to me in clarifying what he saw and how it could help me move forward.

Nicola Warwick

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top ten

Angel SullivanI’m a firm believer that different things work for different people at different times in life. I’d never experienced anything like sonic vroom before working with Fabeku, though.

I’d had some niggling doubts come up right before I scheduled the appointment. I was a little bit freaked out that it wouldn’t work for me, and how horrible would that be if I were the one person it didn’t work for!? I let Fabeku know about my freak-out-fears coming up and felt totally reassured. He’s totally confident about what he does, and for good reason.

The day of the appointment came and because I was at work, I took a minute or two to just kind of quiet myself. After that I just went about my day. When I got home I was totally psyched to see that he’d already e-mailed everything to me! I immediately jumped in.

I wish I could describe how much I was touched by my session. The imagery was stunning and uber-meaningful to me (which I just loved!). I felt wrapped in wisdom when listening to the feedback, and then again when listening to the sound itself.

In the short time since I’d had my session, I already feel a different energy in my life. I no longer feel tied to the same old solutions that are no longer working. I feel so much more open to other options, and I see them more easily now! I also feel a trust and a confidence surrounding the entire issue, which is such a huge relief in and of itself. I can move with the flow now, rather than struggling with each decision.

I’ve had lots of experiences that have been pretty amazing – two kids, getting married to my love – just us! – in Hawaii, traveling to the Dominican Republic to help rebuild an orphanage – and I am telling you that this one ranks right up there in the top ten.

Yes. Top ten. Ever.

It was a magical experience with a very gifted healer. I’m not sure Fabeku calls himself that at all, but I’d totally call him a healer. He is magic wrapped up in sincere all-around-goodness. It was an experience that I fully intend to repeat multiple times.

Just as one has an accountant to help with tax preparation, a contractor to help build a home, or a midwife to help deliver a child…. one should have a gifted healer available for those times when the ick just won’t move.

Fabeku, for me, is that guy and I’m definitely grateful. I have already recommended him to several others. It is so worth it!

Angel Sullivan

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