mojo, yo - superpowers - activate!

the goal:

Short ‘n focused alchemy to heat, cool, break apart and reform your inner + outer terrain so you can go from gold-star to diamond and do the work you’re destined to do.

the goods:

  • Sixty minutes of co-conjuring with me to help you ship the product, write the book, slam dunk the deadline, push through the panic, create the unthinkable and nail the impossible.
  • mp3 recordings of it all + sweet nuggets of next-step-ness after every call

the glee factor:

You’ll grok that there’s more to what you do than what you think.

And this will change everything.

You’ll also develop a flawless internal compass to guide every future biz decision toward unfettered fabulousness.

the groove sauce:

This isn’t a band-aid solution for your business. It’s a long-lasting, deep tissue massage… for everything that matters.

the green stuff:

$500 for sixty minutes of shazam


the go sign:

Note: these jam sessions are only available to folks who’ve revved it up. If that’s you, awesome. If we haven’t conjured together before, revs are the first step in that direction.

Wave wildly via the box below.

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It’s like a pop quiz for prospective clients with no wrong answers.

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Hey, fabulousness! My mojo, yo calendar is totally full + waitlisted right now. If you need help with the quickness, rev-o-rama is your best bet. If you’d rather wait + get a heads up when there’s an opening, grab a seat in the waiting room.

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yeah, that's a ninja.

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