you + me = BOOM!


  • Believe that stagnation is the enemy of innovation
  • Know that you can’t do your best work if you’re muddy, mushy or misaligned about your mission
  • Dream about feeling amped, pumped + cranked past eleven every single day (not just on your birthday!)
  • Are willing to play with symbols, superheroes, mantras, melodies + other mystical impulses to sync up with the soul of your business
  • Want to finish that site rebrand, launch strategy, rock anthem or roller-girl portrait series, like, yesterday
  • Are down with being gently + deeply stretched
  • Like things swift, clean, efficient…and lasting


  • Work with creatively juicy people who want to tune into the pure essence of their purpose + turn up the awesome on everything they put into the world
  • Know you’re not broken + won’t ever pretend otherwise

yeah, that's a ninja.

There are four ways we can rock this.

Check it:


A full day of play + kapow to get your master plan moving faster than the speed of a Ramones song.

sonic vroom

Aural alchemy sessions to shift what’s stuck + supercharge what’s not.

mojo, yo

Soulful sorcery for entrepreneurs. Heavy on the breakthrough. Light on the blahblah.

punk rock pow-wows

An in-person mixdown of drum banging + empire building + face-melting clarity.

yeah, that's a ninja.

feeling fuzzy?

Not sure about the best way to rock this? Shoot me a note. We’ll sort it out.

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