You know that scene in Star Wars where Luke + R2D2 + C3PO walk into that cantina full of aliens?


That’s so not how I want you to feel here.

So let’s walk. I’ll show you around.

fabulous to meet you

I’m Fabeku. (Hi!)

I dig drums + ninjas + chocolate.

Not necessarily in that order.

When I’m not making things go boom, I make much chai disappear + talk to Joey Ramone in my head + roam the interwebs in search of the perfect luchador mask.

I own too much tea + buy too many books + wear red shoes whenever possible.

I’m also a total Pac-Man fanboy.

And my latest metaphorical crush is Ferran Adrià.

Want more? Here you go.

“wait.  what do you do again?”

Current job titles: business awesomizer, suck exorcist, sonic alchemist, international man of mystery

I help brilliant people (that’s you!) build businesses that are equal parts clarity + mojo + truth.

The end result?

More thriving.
More moolah.
More wow.

Oh, and more clients + customers who completely adore your face off.

(See also: conjuring radical momentum + sonically-induced vroominess + invoking your secret superpowers)


My mojo has many faces.

Sounds. Symbols. Superheroes. Secret meetings with dead rock stars.

But, really, it all comes down to this:

Real success happens when your inner stuff + outer stuff line up.
All of you. On the same page.

That’s when you become totally superconductive.

Resistance free. In your groove. Full of BOOM!

Coherence is a beautiful thing.

non-sucky swag

Forget a pen with my URL on it or some lame ass coffee mug.

I have a swag bag for you that doesn’t suck.

It’s full of magic musics. And marketing smartnesses. And an ever-expanding hunk of more.

Go. Click. Swoon.

random raps

I talk about stuff around here.

Those are a few of the greatest hits. Now check out the box set.

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down periscope!

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p.s. No wetsuit needed.


I’m here. The door is open.

Sing to me, sweetness.

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