five beautiful flowers, one of which has a crown, showing the beauty of nature

land acknowledgment

i live on the Ancestral + unceded land of the Kaskaskia + Myaamia + Shawandasse Tula + Osage Peoples.

i’m living + working on land that isn’t mine, that wasn’t “discovered” by outsiders from other places, but, rather, that was under the stewardship of Indigenous people, here long before anyone else.

this land, like all land in the country in which i live, was stolen from the people who have a rightful Ancestral claim to that land through acts of deception + violence + imperialism + colonialism.

my work is deeply shaped by + intimately connected to lineage, within which land plays a fundamental role.

paying homage to the land + to the Ancestral caretakers of the land on which i live is important to me on many levels.

and words mean less than actions.

i’m donating a portion of the money i make to various organizations, including First Peoples Fund, which supports Native artists + the important work they do.