totally free awesomesauce. (*rhino not included.)

Sonic superpowers. Transcendent treats. Nuggets of ninjarificness.

All for you. All for free.

You’re welcome.

Right click + rock ‘n roll.

yeah, that's a ninja.

sound shifts stuff

I could yack it up all day about this sound stuff.

Ranting + raving about how amazeballs it is.
How it shifts stuff like crazy.
How it goes deep + works fast + invokes the awesome.
Like magic. Except, you know, real.

I could blather on ‘til your eyes roll back into your skull.

But you can only grok the awesome by tasting it.

Plus the sound speaks for itself.
No blathering needed.

So I have something for you.

Call it an amuse-bouche of aural awesomesauce.

Nine minutes of pure + potent sonic shazam.

Exorcise your suck.
Exercise your bigness.

This tuneage is fab for clearing your head + cranking the creativity + amping up your mojo.

In other words, it brings more kapow!

And who doesn’t need more kapow?

This audio nugget has been snagged thousands of times. And there’s not a week that goes by that I don’t get a love letter from someone totally singing its praises.

snag it, yo!

yeah, that's a ninja.

transcendent sales

De-sleazify your pitch.
Attract your perfect people.
And spark positive action, not widespread panic.

It all started with one video.

And it turned into one of the most fabulous shindigs ever.

I asked four super smart friends if they wanted to hop on the phone + rap about how to effectively market your awesome without being an asshole.

We did.
And we invited everybody to join us.
Then we served it all up totally free.

This wasn’t some sample. Or teaser. Or prelude to a coming attraction.

Nobody even had to sign up to get our newsletters.

They just had to dial up, tune in + dig down.

And they did.
Over three hundred of them, in fact.
It was pure gorgeousness.

And people are still talking about this nugget of collaborative awesome today.

transcendent sales - call recordingi walk the line.transcendent sales - e-book of radical smartness

Big ups to my co-conspirators – Alexandra Franzen, Susannah Conway, Chris Zydel + Lisa Baldwin

yeah, that's a ninja.


Stay tuned, tater.

There are two more deelish freebies in the oven as we speak.


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