audio introductions

coherence + Ori

Ori never leaves you

Ori + the power of self-selection

why i'm doing this training

Ori is connected to every goodness

how Ori fills the gaps

training rooted in spaciousness


what: a {very spacious!} twenty-month experiential training giving you good roots in the closest + deepest + most meaningful + most enduring support that exists for you + your soul’s medicine + your way through the world

when: starting 6th jan, extending for a total of twenty soul-supporting months

where: a virtual space created through a mix of recorded mp3s + live calls + a private group + an awesome community

why: because you have a good destiny + an unparalleled source of support for that destiny + i want you to be able to fully + coherently + skillfully inhabit that, now + always

who: you + me + all of us! {because everyone has an Ori}

how much: $88 / month

how: by saying yes! + grabbing your seat

registration closes 20th nov or when the training is full.

who is Ori?

you have a destiny.

which isn’t {at all} the same as fate.

and nothing {at all} like predeterminism.

something fluid.
not fixed.

you came into this world carrying a spiritual + practical medicine that is very specifically yours.

a road that is unique to you, coherent for you.

a deep vision for your life born from + held by the biggest-and-most-beautiful-and-most-powerful part of you.

which is bigger + more beautiful + more powerful than you probably know.

a whole reflection of your soul + all the good possibilities that live there.

a concrete way through this world where the whole of what you carry is able to be realized + inhabited in good-and-coherent ways.

your destiny – and the whole of your self / life / world – is supported by a spirit that’s closer to you than any other + more powerful than any other + more accessible than any other.

a spirit that’s prime – first – in all the ways that matter.

this spirit is always with you.

it never leaves you.

it’s the one spirit who can never leave you {and would never want to}.

in all i’ve learned over decades of spiritual practice + a lot of good building in the world, it’s the single most important spirit any of us will ever or could ever know.

and, for most of us, we have no idea who this spirit is or that they even exist.

or – and this is essential – that this spirit is, in fact, not separate from you, but part of you.

you are it.
it is you.

this spirit is Ori {pronounced or-REE}.

it holds your destiny + all the wisdom + guidance + medicines needed to support your destiny from birth till death.

the degree to which we cohere with our Ori determines how the entire landscape of our life,
inside + out, looks.

the knowledge + wisdom + practices around Ori are born from the vast cultural + spiritual genius of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria, maintained by these Indigenous Elders for thousands of years.

it’s one of their countless profound contributions to their world + to the world at large.

i was introduced to Ori twenty-five years ago when i first began my study + practice of the Ifa’Orisa tradition.

i’ve worked with Ori consistently for a quarter of a century now.

and, while i’ve undertaken some of the deepest initiations possible in my lineage + engaged in spiritual practice my whole life, knowledge of Ori is, without question, the most powerful + meaningful + potent + effective teaching i’ve ever received.


it’s changed my life.

and very literally saved my life.

Ori is also entirely unlike anything i’ve seen anywhere else.

i’ve found no real parallels in any other traditions or practices.

which is one of a million reasons that i give homage to both my Elders + to all Yoruba Elders as the originators + caretakers of this wisdom.

we all have Ori.
we wouldn’t + couldn’t be here if we didn’t.

and there’s nothing in your life that your Ori isn’t deeply-and-vitally connected to.

nothing that it can’t shape or support or shift.

it’s not only your good-and-blessed road through the world, it’s also the spirit that makes that way possible.

Ori is both wayfinder + waymaker.

when we don’t know the way, we go to Ori.
when we need a way to be made, we go to Ori.
when we need to cohere the way, we go to Ori.
when we’re looking for a new way, we go to Ori.

{which is to say the deepest + most powerful part of you that always knows the way.}

Ori is always there + always helps.

often when nothing else has or will.

the Yoruba Elders teach that every good thing we can or will ever know comes to us through our Ori.

which means Ori is our most vital + vitalized source of blessings in all ways.

from the spiritual to the mundane.

every goodness we know is ultimately blessed by the holy yes of our Ori.

and all the goodness we yearn to know, that we find ourselves struggling to know, can also be found through our relationship + our coherence with our Ori.

Ori is at the root of who we are + why we are + how we are + how we make our way through the world, inhabiting our medicine + building a life that’s wholly coherent with that medicine.

that, in short, is Ori.

in three decades of teaching, this is, hands down, the single most important training i’ve ever offered that’s open to everyone.

one of the earliest things that my Elder, the late Oba Adebolu Fatunmise of Ile-Ife, an eighth generation priest from a venerable lineage, told me, was to tell everyone about Ori.


not only people studying Ifa’Orisa. but everybody.

because we all have Ori + we all need Ori + we all need to know how to work with Ori.

Ori is born from the brilliance of the Yoruba people. homage is + will + should always be paid to the source of this wisdom.

and knowing how to build-and-cohere our relationship with our Ori is a teaching that is appropriately + coherently accessible to all {respectful} people.

because, again, we all have Ori.

this training is offered as an acknowledgment of the encouragement of my Elder, whose name i say daily in rites or remembrance + respect, to share Ori with as many people as possible.

what you'll learn

cohering with the spirit of destiny is the most extensive training i’ve ever offered on Ori.

and there’s no experience required, including no need for any familiarity with Ori or any connected practices.

most people outside of Yoruba culture have never heard of Ori.

everything you need to know will be shared in ways that are clear + entirely accessible to everyone.

even if Ori is brand new to you.

this training, front to back, is structured around the idea of spaciousness.

so, while, at a glance, this might sound like a lot, the teaching is carefully-and caringly organized around core themes + supporting ideas.

we’re able to cover a solid body of knowledge in a way that’s wholly doable + sustainable {even with a full life + low bandwidth}.

which means it never feels like a lot.

which matters a lot.

the highlights of what we’ll cover during the cohering with the spirit of destiny training are:

  • how to approach Indigenous teachings in an appropriate + respectful way when you’re coming to them from outside of their culture + tradition of origin
  • a traditional understanding of who Ori is + why they’re so deeply-and-vitally important for every person
  • the direct relationship between your Ori + your most-essential-and-most-effective-and-most-enduring levels of coherence
  • how your degree of coherence with your Ori shapes the way you move through the world + how the world receives you {and how to amplify the supportive pieces while remedying the unhelpful ones}
  • how to perform Ibori, a powerful practice for hono{u}ring + feeding + strengthening + cohering with your Ori {which, inherently, supports everything within + around you}
  • how to solve the gap of seeing your Ori as separate from you, perceptually – and, more importantly – experientially so that you live everyday with a felt-and-fully-inhabited connection with your Ori
  • the two fundamental languages of your Ori + how to become skillful-and-fluent at both + how this supports your coherence in profound ways
  • the essential medicine of self-selection + why it’s the precursor to everything else + how to have ready access to that through your Ori {including ways to expand your capacity to select yourself}
  • how to cohere around a holy sense of self + why that matters
  • restoring your sense of agency around what you do {and don’t} crown yourself with
  • understanding what your life is saying to your Ori + making sure it’s saying what you want it to say
  • spiritual cleansing practices that clear the static in-and-around your Ori, reducing the noise + amping the signal, inside + out
  • learning how to safely work with your Elevated Ancestors in support of your destiny {and why they’ll always support that destiny}
  • how to stay oriented when life feels like a lot or to find your way back when you feel lost
  • a traditional understanding of the three fundamental pieces of destiny {and why destiny, in the way we’ll explore it, isn’t anything like fate or predestination}
  • {re}establishing sovereignty in your world through the wisdom + power of your Ori
  • learning a simple traditional oracle that will allow you to have direct communication with your Ori that’s effective + crystal clear, giving your direct access to the wisdom of your own Ori
  • how to fully-and-finally work with yourself at all levels, including mentally + emotionally, in support of your destiny {which leads to whole-self coherence}
  • the three root elements that need to be present to make anything happen {on any level} + their connection with Ori
  • why Ori is the most abundant source of tangible hope i’ve ever known + how to access that hope in your life
  • how to change unwanted or unhelpful aspects of your destiny to something better
  • how to truly know what is + isn’t for you in life + relationships + everything, making it possible for you to know-and-celebrate your coherent way through the world
  • ways to make the whole of your life into a love letter to your Ori that anchors coherence + fuels the creation of the life you want to build
  • how to disengage the actively unhelpful things we knowingly {or not} cohere around that hold us down + hold us back {and why this work works at the roots + why that’s essential}
  • effective ways of working with your Ori through the power of sound
  • the ways through which art + poetry + music support cohering with your Ori
  • understanding the importance of Egbe Orun, your potent spiritual team in the unseen worlds that have a direct shaping influence on your life
  • a set of spiritual practices that help shift longstanding patterns around unhelpful emotions + unwanted lived experiences
  • learning why, despite your best efforts, you’ve been unable to make or sustain good forward movement in certain areas of your life + how you can start fixing that now
  • ways that, through working with your Ori, you can shift the unwanted weight of things that have deeply impacted the soul of who you are
  • Ori as the hub of your lineage
  • the role of Ori as creator par excellence + how to coherently create / recreate yourself and your world through deep work with your Ori {which is identity work at the very deepest levels}
  • the other spirit that can be hono{u}red alongside your Ori to help you find-and-sustain coherence + success + goodness in the ways that matter to you
  • extensive training on stone people + plant people + other natural sources of power that offer significant support in your relationship with Ori
  • non-traditional meditations {of all sorts} for connecting to + engaging with your Ori

cohering with the spirit of destiny
 will be a mix of the traditional teachings i’ve received in my time at the feet of my Indigenous + Indigenously-trained Elders, as well as things i’ve learned through my own personal work with Ori over twenty-five years.

i’ll always be clear about the lineage of everything, both out of respect for what i’ve learned from my Elders and for the tradition itself + for clarity in teaching.

what's included

cohering with the spirit of destiny includes:

  • one recorded transmission a month of teaching + instruction
  • a live q+a hosted a week after each transmission, which, to make scheduling easy, will always happen on fridays at 4pm eastern
  • downloadable mp3s of our transmissions + live q+a calls
  • downloadable transcripts of these mp3s
  • a private community space on facebook for questions + conversation + connection {where i read + reply to every question you post in that space, always}
  • access to an awesome community of people doing the work alongside you, people you can learn from + support + be supported by {which, as i’ve said for years, is more than worth the price of admission all by itself}
  • access to optional study groups + doing days {with zero pressure to do either one}
  • lots-and-lots of space inherent in what we’re doing + how we’re doing it so that this training is deeply doable + sustainable + humane from beginning-to-end

space + space + more space

the keyword for cohering with the spirit of destiny is spacious.

the kind of spacious that allows you to do the training without rearranging your life + to sustain
this training start-to-finish without feeling overwhelmed.

i’ve been teaching + tending communities for three decades.

one of my root ideas is that teaching – including the structure – is a living thing.

it has to respond to the moment when the teaching happens.

that’s how people get the most from the experience {which, for me, is always the point}.

we’ve all been through a lot the last handful of years.

the last thing you need is something that feels cramped or jammed or heavy or hard or, really, just too much in any way.

we’re not doing that.
at all.

part of the reason we’re spending twenty months on this training is because it takes that much time to really understand + inhabit this material.

the other part?

we get to do it at a pace that’s doable.

and spacious.

and humane.

what does this look like?

one recorded transmission a month.

only one.

not two or four or more.


every transmission will have a single focus that’s anchored in a core teaching with a couple supporting ideas.

this means your learning is solid, without being overly full.

because, again, spaciousness is the whole point.

and, since these transmissions are recorded, you can grab them when you can without worrying about fitting a ton of live transmissions into your schedule.

this also means you can listen to the transmission when-and-how you want to, in whatever way works best for you.

and, then, a week after the recorded transmission, we’ll have a live q+a call, which, to make scheduling easy for everybody, will always happen on fridays at 4pm eastern.

the space between the availability of each transmission + the q+a not only gives you time {and space!} to listen, it also gives you a chance to bring clearer + more helpful questions to our conversation.

you can also ask questions in our private group space at any point.

and, as always, i read + answer every question you bring to our group space.


essentially, that’s the root of it.

there are two wholly optional pieces that you can decide to do or not do or do whenever they feel helpful.

those are the study groups + doing days.

you can read more about doing days below.

the optional study groups give you the chance to spend some time {on zoom} with other people in the training.

that kind of communal support can be a beautiful thing for people who want / need / enjoy it.

it gives you the chance to talk with people about what you’re doing with the training + where you’re at with what you’re learning + to give-and-receive encouragement that really matters because it’s coming from people doing the same work you’re doing in the training.

there’s always a ton of support from me for you in every training i do.

this will give you even more support from everyone else in the community.

the study groups will be hosted by members of the community a couple times a month on different days + at different times to give as many people as possible the opportunity to be there.

and, in addition to the downloadable mp3s of our transmissions + live q+as, you’ll also get downloadable transcripts of both, in support of everyone’s beautifully different ways of learning.

doing days

this is one of my favo{u}rite additions to this training.

information is interesting to our brain.

and information, all by itself, doesn’t do a lot.

we only really inhabit what we’re learning by doing something with it.

and sometimes for some people – because of time or self-doubt or anxiety or depression or perfectionism or a million other reasons – actually doing the doing can be tricky.

enter doing days!

these wholly-optional facets of the training give you time + space to show up + do.

not only are you able to do that with other people in the training, which is always awesome + helpful, you can also do that with me there so that, as you’re doing, you can ask me questions about what you’re doing, if you need to.

that means there’s no feeling like you’re left to your own devices to figure it out or that you’re
guessing your way through it.

these will be scheduled on different days + times, depending on what we’re working on that month.

and, since there’s already dedicated time + space set aside for doing days, all you need to do is show up + be totally supported in your doing.

it’s like co-working time for cohering with your destiny.

this is one good way the work becomes real + rooted in your soul + in every facet of your life.

doing days!

spiritual practice, concretized

here’s a point important enough to deserve its own section.

because it’s the entire point.

this is spiritual work that does something.

a million x a million good-and-beautiful somethings.

it’s work that’s concrete + real.

with a lineage behind it literally stretching back tens of thousands of years.

which means the results are also concrete + real.

these aren’t practices where you’ll have to wonder if they’re working.

you’ll see them working in your self + in your life.

and they will.

because, in the quarter of a century i’ve been working with + teaching on Ori, i’ve never seen them not work.

i don’t pretend that’s always fast.

sometimes it is.

sometime it takes a minute.

but they always work.

not only that, working with Ori does things that nothing else can or will.

because of the unique-and-unparalleled nature of what Ori is + because of how deeply it’s connected to every facet of your world + because cohering with your Ori is, in my experience, the root of literally everything else.

everything we want.
everything we need.
everything we’re working to build.
everything we’re looking to inhabit.
supporting the whole of this.
and clearing the obstacles to all of it.

this brings great goodness to your day-to-day life, from work to money to relationships to health.

and, at a deeper level, it makes it possible to cohere with your good destiny, to move with it, rather than against it.

and that changes everything.

in all the best ways.

this work fills in gaps you didn’t even know were there, but probably have been struggling with for most, if not all, of your life.

and maybe you did know the gaps were there + you’ve had a hard time solving them in a sustained way.

now you can start doing exactly that.

i don’t pretend that working with Ori always fixes 100% of your challenges 100% of the time.

but this work, this relationship, can help with everything.

and i’ve seen literal miracles, both large + small, within my life + the lives of my students more times than i can remember.

when we engage our relationship with Ori in this way, we find ourselves anchored in a foundation of support + guidance + soul-level coherence that’s as profound as it is practical.

this work works.

on mutuality

when i teach, i’m all in from before our first day all the the way through to the last day when the training wraps. i promise that you’ll always get the very best that i have to teach, which comes from decades of lived experience.

i ask that you be all in, too.

which means when you grab a seat in the cohering with the spirit of destiny training that seat is yours from start to finish.

that also means, in part, that you understand that there are no refunds or cancellations + that you’re responsible for paying for the training in full.

i want to make the training as doable as possible, which is why the total price is spread out over twenty months. that said, this isnt a month-to-month commitment.

i’m all in + you’re in all, beginning to end.

how to be a part of this training

grabbing your spot in cohering with the spirit of destiny is quick-and-easy.

  1. click the very pink button below. that will send your first payment of $88 my way + secure your seat. hooray! the rest of your payments in the same amount will be made automatically every month {usually on or around the same date that you sign up} + continue throughout the training. there are a total of twenty payments, which start when you register + continue monthly + will end a couple months before the training ends.
  1. check your inbox for an important email that you’ll get automatically {read: usually within a few minutes} after securing your seat. it has all the info you need to know before we get started. it also has a link to a supply list for some simple + easy things you’ll want to grab for the training. if you don’t see it, please check your spam folder. if you still don’t see it, shoot me an email + i’ll make sure you get it. this is also the only email ill send about the training. everything else will be shared in our private space on facebook once that space opens in jan.
  1. if we’re not already connected on facebook, please send me a friend request after you secure your seat. we’ll need to be connected there for you to be part of the private group for the training {which is where everything happens, from access to the training materials to our conversations between transmissions}. the how-to for that is in the email you’ll get after grabbing your seat.
  1. accept my thanks + celebrate + relax. i’m glad you’re here. thank you.we’ll get started on 6th jan + i’ll start adding people to the private group space the first week of jan. you won’t hear from me before then because there’s nothing for you to to do until then. if you need a hand celebrating, there’s always shoes + more shoes + good music + more good music.

registration closes 20th nov or when the training is full.


to give thanks + to pay homage to the Indigenous + Indigenously-trained Elders who’ve given me so much over so many years, a portion of the money from this training is being donated directly to people + causes that support + sustain the enduring wisdom + culture + tradition of the Yoruba people in the world, including Elders whose wisdom + kindness have blessed me in ways beyond words.

i’m here because of them.