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Teletastics - Archive of AwesomeTeletastics are monthly telephonic shindigs that teach you how to awesomize the metaphorical pants off your beautiful business + help you rock your magnum opus with maximum BOOM!

Practical. Swear-ey. Shazamified.

Fresh calls served up each month. Find the hoard of past kapow here. Snag what you need or grab the entire archive of awesome. Click click, starface.

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remember your awesome

Remembering Through Resonance - Fabeku FatunmiseCreated in a secret lab deep beneath the city of Bucharest*, Remembering Through Resonance is 42 minutes of magic musics that exorcises suck + amps up creativity + invokes radical clarity. So delicious you’ll probably want to marry it.

*Ok. This was actually created in Cincinnati. But if you happen to have a secret lab hidden in the subterranean tunnels of Bucharest, call me.

yeah, that's a ninja.

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yeah, that's a ninja.

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