When Mary Met Bob (Solutions + Sexytime!)

The party?

Still going.
Still fabulous.
Still generating tons of smartness.

So we’ve covered the suck – here, here and here.

Today it’s time for solutions!

Which means reframing.
And matchmaking.
And fireworks + lurve + metaphorical sexytime.

Oh, and did I mention that there’s a big surprise at the end of the video?

And it’s hawt.

If you’re the impatient sort, there are surprise-related deets right down there.

But don’t skip the video.

It has a nugget of awesome that you can use today – like, right now – to make marketing easier + more effective (read: make more moolah).

And, in keeping with tradition, the video has some swear-ey bits. Pull out the earbuds, cubicle pals.

{The video is temporarily wonked. A crack team of gnomes are on it. Stay tuned.}

(Psst. If you’re reading this in a reader and can’t see the video, click click to catch the goodness.)

Transcendent SalesNo cost. No pitch. No catch. No lie.

An eight minute video rapping about solutions?


A totally free, no-strings-attached teleparty full of 75 minutes of non-stop smartness?


So I asked four of my crazy smart friends who grok + rock the don’t-be-gross-and-still-make-the-monies thing if they wanted to host a shindig.

We hop on the phone.
And talk about what works for us.
And how you can use it with your Thing.
We invite you.
And we party like it’s 1999.

And by crazy smart friends I mean Chris Zydel + Susannah Conway + Alexandra Franzen + Lisa Baldwin.

I mentioned the totally free part, right?

And none of us are pitching anything.

This isn’t a teaser for a product or class or program.


We’re doing this for one reason: To help you rock your Thing.

Here’s some of the stuff we’ll be rapping about:

  • How to promote yourself like a Victorian dandy (aesthetics! wit! charm! luxury! sensual details!)
  • Why you maybe shouldn’t be selling anything to begin with (or at least, not what you think you should be selling)
  • How you can know absolutely nothing about marketing & selling and still sell-out your classes
  • Why showing your knickers can be the best selling tactic of all (aka Just be your true messy vulnerable self)
  • How generosity, integrity, treating your customers as whole human beings and operating out of the true spirit of service can generate more business than you know what to do with
  • Why staying small and going for depth not breadth in your customer relationships can be way more successful (and feel much more satisfying) than continually striving for the ever elusive more
  • How your thing can reach best seller status with a totally take-it-easy launch
  • Why relationships matter more than selling, even – especially! – when there’s major moolah involved


Told you it was hawt.

The deets:

who: Me, Chris, Susannah, Alexandra, Lisa + YOU!
what: 75 minutes of pure smartness + pragmatic how-to + your questions + our answers
when: Monday, June 6th at 2:00 pm eastern
where: A teleconference line near you
why: Because you don’t have to throw grenades to make the monies
how: By plugging your deets into the stylish box below

It’s on like Donkey Kong, baby.

p.s. Yeah, there will be a recording. But it’s no substitute for the real thing. So try to make the live call.

p.p.s. Don’t forget to drop a comment after your sign up. Thanks, you.

Thank you + big love!

Flickr credit – fs999

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