Tiny bridges

Tiny bridges of pure sweetnessBy the time you read this, my sister will be in surgery.

Brain surgery.

She’s had Meniere’s disease for years.

And it’s made her life pretty miserable.

So she’s having a major operation today. Hoping things will be better.

And, for her, better just means being able to walk without falling down.

Or going a day without throwing up.

Or not feeling so dizzy so much that she can’t drive.

Or work.

Or really do anything anymore.


I feel crazy lucky that I get to hang out in a circle of ridiculously creative people.

Friends + colleagues + clients doing insanely cool stuff in the world.

The kind of crowd where ideas + awesome are never in short supply.

Everyone I know has a to do list a mile long.

People are knee deep in creative juices.

And there’s tons of talk about productivity + streamlining + getting things done.

I say, rock on.

And can I also say, gently but clearly, savor where you are right now.

The stuff that’s good in your life today.

The simple stuff that might get missed because it’s not on the list.

The stuff that carries you from one day to the next.

Yes. This.

For me, that’s watching Sid the Punk Rock Kitty dive in and out of a cardboard box.

Or wearing my red suede Docs.

Or pounding my favorite drum.

Or brewing my favorite chai in my favorite cup.

Or listening to Ramones tunes that are like old friends after 25 years.

It’s the little stuff that creates tiny bridges from one day to the next.

So keep watering, gorgeous.

But soak up some yum where you are today, too.


I closed the comments on this post on purpose.
Just for today.
Take the time you’d spend commenting and love up some small thing right in front of you.
Nothing to see here.

(Inspired by my sister. And Jen Louden. And you.)

Nothing to see here.

Flickr credit – John Mundy

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