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You’re stuck. You’re struggling. And it sucks.

Things are frustrating, scary, infuriating, maybe even terrifying. You feel held back, held down, terminally stuck. The self-talk monsters are gnashing their teeth and whispering all sorts of gross (never mind totally untrue) things in your ear – you’re stupid, you’re lazy, you’re incompetent, you’ll never fix this.

You’ve changed your thoughts, worked with your emotions, tried to think positively, given gratitude (even when you didn’t really feel like it), tried to look at the challenge as a teacher (even when you didn’t really believe it). You’ve tried all the Right Things, but nothing has worked. Or worked for very long.

All you know for sure is that where you are isn’t where you want to be.

And if all of this is big enough, or has been happening for long enough, you might have become a resident of the stomach-turning, ick-inducing town of Hopelessville.


Like I said, this sucks.

Why, oh why, is this happening?

Why is this happen? Why isn’t your stuck shifting?

Probably because you’ve not been working at the one place where all shifts start. It’s cool. Don’t beat yourself up over this. Most people overlook this part. A lot of people don’t even know this place exists.

What is this mysterious place, full of major mojo that’s capable of making big shifts happen?

It’s the energy level.

What? Come again?

Don’t worry. I’m not going to get all “In a galaxy far, far away…” on you here. This place is a lot closer to home and a lot more important to you. (Plus you won’t run into any Imperial Stormtroopers there. Huge plus.)

Energy level is a fancy pants way of saying the place where change happens fast. It’s the blueprint of your experience, the foundation of your life. And this is why working at the energy level – which is exactly what sacred sound does and does well – rocks more than an 80’s hair band. (Don’t front. Whitesnake rocked.)

Seeds n’ stuff

I know energy level may sound a little kooky, a little woo-woo. But just think it about like a seed.

Before the roots…
Before the stem…
Before the leaves…
Before the flower…
There is the seed.

Before the thoughts…
Before the feelings…
Before the patterns…
Before the stuck…
There is the energy.

There is an energetic seed behind everything we experience – the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s where stuck starts, and then, in the immortal words of Alanis Morissette, “like a black fly in your chardonnay,” this seed starts to sprout in other levels, causing everything to go wonky.

Thoughts – wonky.
Feelings – wonky.
Body – wonky.
Relationships – wonky.

You get the picture. Wonky seeds at the energy level create wonky experiences in life.

The energy level is where we can find these seeds, do some weeding to clear things up and plant new seeds that are way more helpful. Since stuck starts at the energy level, when you want to shift stuff doesn’t it make sense to start at the source?

By working at the roots, shifts – even great big huge ones – become much easier because you’re changing the blueprint. And then, as the other layers of reality get the memo that the blueprint has changed, presto chango – shifts happen! It’s kind of like magic, without the tigers and the overly dramatic hand gestures.

Big boulders and lots of hard

On the other hand, when you’re trying to make changes without working at the energy level, it can be a whole lot of hard. And it can feel like all kinds of impossible. Change may be elusive, or it may come in small bits, only to vanish again in a matter of hours or days. And it’s just as likely that you’ll see no change at all. Either way, it’s slow going at best.


Because you’re trying to push a great big rock (your stuck) up a great big hill (energy pattern). You may grunt and groan and get the boulder to budge a bit, but how long can you sustain that kind of pushing? And what happens when you let go? Houston, we have a problem.

Let’s see how this same scenario looks when you work at the energy level.

You have the same big rock, and the same big hill. Sacred sound steps in, works its wacky magic on all things wonky. Now this big hill has turned into a gentle downhill slope. And the slightest nudge bids the big boulder of stuck a great big buhbye. All with minimal effort and maximum speed.

Welcome to the world of sacred sound. Woot!

Is it really that easy?

This sounds too easy, doesn’t it? Make a little noise and *poof* all of your problems transform.

Sacred sound can do amazing things, and make shifts happen with extraordinary speed and completeness. I’ve seen huge, life-changing shifts happen in an hour. But I don’t mean to imply that it’s always easy. It’s not.

Sometimes it can take some work. Especially when dealing with big, deep or long-standing stuff. It may take a few sessions of shifting one layer of energy at a time to really gain some momentum.

But what’s a few hours compared to big, deep or been-around-forever kind of stuck? Time will pass anyway, whether you’re working on shifting stuff or not. At least, when you’re working with sacred sound, you know it won’t be long before you find yourself somewhere different – somewhere better. Somewhere with way less stuck, way less struggle and way more awesome.

How can sacred sound support such big shifts in so little time?

Because energy is fluid. It’s the most fluid level of reality.

And since it’s so fluid, sacred sound helps you to shift stuff by reshaping things at the energy level -straightening what’s kinked, strengthening what’s weak, fixing what’s tweaked, unsticking what’s stuck.

Sacred sound clears out all the junk that’s covering up all the good stuff so that it can be good again. It’s like spring cleaning for the soul.

So you can bring all the stuck you have to sacred sound and it will shift. That includes the scary stuff, the big stuff and the great big stuff. And not only will you be ooh-ed and ahh-ed by your stuff shifting with the quickness, you’ll be just as amazed at how gentle this whole thing is.

BOOM. Not again. (sigh)

By itself, energy is a pretty subtle thing. It can be helpful or unhelpful, but it doesn’t have its own inherent charge. It doesn’t have its own thoughts and feelings and attachments and fears.

All of those things – which can definitely carry a charge – show up in response to what’s going on at the energy level, but they aren’t the energy itself.

Again, think seed. Energy is like a seed, which carries the potential to generate good stuff that you dig or not-so-good stuff that sucks.

What does this have to do with shifting stuff?

When you try to work through your stuck without first working with the energy behind it, you’ll probably bump into some highly charged stuff – deep fears, old feelings, icky pain, lots of ack. And what happens when you bump into this stuff?


It gets messy. Or scary. Or both.

But when you start by shifting the energy behind your stuck, it makes it way easier to work through any thoughts and feelings and ick and ack that’s connected to it. Changing the energy that’s at the root of your stuck turns the volume down on all the highly charged stuff that’s connected to it.

During each sacred sound session I spend a lot of time shifting the energy behind your stuck, while also keeping my eyes peeled for any highly charged stuff that could go boom on you. I find the tripwires and remove them, so that your process of shifting stuff is as gentle and easy and kaboom-free as possible.

That means that your stuff can shift with way less mess, way less scary and way less kaboom.

And after shifting the energy behind your stuck, the rest of the session is devoted to building up the good stuff. Planting news seeds that sprout all kinds of new awesomesauce. And feeding these seeds with a bunch of good energy so they sprout with the quickness.

New seeds. New awesome. You win!

Let’s look at a couple of examples of awesome-in-action.

Must. Fix. This.

One of my clients came to me because she had some big stuck around her relationships. She seemed hopelessly drawn to people who needed to be fixed. This made things miserable for everyone involved, and things never, ever ended well. She wanted to get to the bottom of this and change it.

She’d tried all kinds of things. Books. Affirmations. Vision boards. Self-hypnosis CDs. Talking this out until she was blue in the face. And still she’d find herself back in the same place relationship after relationship after relationship.

At the end of her first sacred sound session she had a big moment of clarity regarding the why behind this pattern. She realized it began after she couldn’t fix a situation that went wonky when she was little, which lead to a whole lot of bad and a whole lot of hard.

Hello unhelpful happening. Hello unhelpful seed.

She realized that she was trying to redeem herself, which, of course, is totally impossible and super painful.

But this ah-ha moment explained the desperate feeling she’d get when she was trying to fix someone. She experienced this low level panic that looked a lot like motivation and just-trying-to-be-helpful to people on the receiving end. Except it wasn’t either one of those things.

After working on this for two more sessions – clearing things out at an energy level and putting a new plan in place – she experienced a huge shift. She totally stopped trying to fix people. But what’s more significant, she stopped wanting to fix people. The urge disappeared because the energy shifted.

Not long after her third session she met someone. And she’s enjoying a healthy, happy relationship with this someone. She’s also made peace with her past, and is no longer living with pain and guilt and a frantic need to fix.

Broken by a bad appliance metaphor

A second client needed help evicting some unhelpful voices in his head. (No, not those kind of voices.) Painful, icky voices from the past that were causing all kinds of stuck.

When he was young, he had a coach who, in a terribly misguided attempt to motivate, told him that he ran like a broken down refrigerator. And here he was running as fast and as hard as he could. This broke his heart, crushed his spirit and embarrassed him terribly in front of his teammates who were all laughing and pointing.

And then it got worse. When he said he’d try harder and run faster, the coach screamed at him to forget about running and to go sit on the bench because, basically, he was a total failure who had no hope of ever succeeding.

Great big unhelpful seed, meet energy level.

Fast forward a decade or two later. Every time my client had a goal in mind – something he wanted to do, or make happen – he’d replay this horrific event with the coach, and his teammates, and the laughing, and the pointing.

The result? Most of the time he’d abandon his idea altogether. When he didn’t, he’d approach what he was doing so half-heartedly that even he knew it had no real chance of happening. In other words, he’d go sit on the bench.

He figured he’d spend his life on the bench – working a job he hated, barely making enough money to survive, terrified to try new things or meet new people, spending every bit of free time on the couch watching TV alone.

My client knew exactly what was causing his problem. But he couldn’t seem to get past it. His rational mind knew this was something that happened ages ago, that this wasn’t really about him, that his old coach was a total asshat.

He felt embarrassed that this was still such a big deal to him. People around him (including a counselor) did the usual well-meaning-but-totally-not-helpful “get over it” routine. They told him he was lazy, stuck in the past, making excuses, blah blah blah. He finally reached a point where he didn’t even mention it anymore.

But I wasn’t surprised at all to hear that this was a source of stuck for him. This was an energy level thing, not a rational mind thing or a get-over-it thing or a being lazy thing. And if his experience was going to change, his energy had to change first.

So that’s exactly what we did. During his session, we found this energetic source of stuck and shifted it. We got rid of all of the you’re-a-failure stuff, flipped the script and topped him up with a healthy dose of can do.

He called a few months later to schedule another session. I asked if we’d be working on the same issue as the last time. “Oh no,” he said. “I want a session because my new business is taking off so fast I’m not sure what to do next.”

New business. Taking off fast. In a few months.

New blueprint, meet life.

These are two examples of what happens when you work with things at the energy level. There are tons of other examples, but I picked these because they’re perfect examples of why working with the energy behind the stuck is so important, so effective and so effectively done through sacred sound.

You don’t have to be stuck. You don’t have to struggle. You don’t have to try and muscle big boulders up big hills.

Sacred sound works at the roots. It clears out the weeds, plants new seeds and makes room for good stuff to show up in your life. And that’s all kinds of awesome.

Have something you want to shift?
Cool. Because sound shifts stuff.
Get in touch and let’s talk.

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2 Responses to Sound Shifts Stuff
  1. Maik
    October 20, 2009 | 4:41 am

    Great article. It doesn’t sound kooky to me 😉
    .-= Maik´s last blog ..hypnosis transformation =-.

  2. Wulfie
    November 3, 2009 | 10:58 pm

    I dig the whole thing and totally love the seeds ‘n stuff section. That’s a really important bit to know about.

    While I was tooling around your site I listened to the free download. Didn’t see a place for feedback specifically for that but it goes nicely here. I listened to it and it rocked me. I mean, IT rock sure but it made ME rock. You know, back and forth, till it stopped. I had an intent behind the listening and somewhere in there, as the rocking stopped and it got all quiet – cause you know my head was going a mile a minute – and I suddenly felt something shift.

    Sure, it was in my head but that’s where I needed it to be. 😛 I got the answer I was looking for and its secret was in that rocking motion. So that’s really cool and thanks!

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