Slime Trails And Speedy Gonzales

Slime! (photo by Anapko on Flickr)

A lot of the peeps I work with are dealing with big stuff when they come to me.

Intense fear. Ack-inducing anxiety. Huge loss. Deep disconnection. Crippling struggle. A hundred kinds of pain.

Big-hard-scary-been-around-forever kind of stuff.

And even if they’re not dealing with huge stuff, they’re still knee deep in some kind of stuck or struggle.

Which pretty much always sucks.

Slimy suck trails

Even though there are 479 flavors of suck, every single person I work with has one thing in common.

There’s an emotional component to their stuck.

And it’s not just a part of the stuck. It’s usually at the core of it.

You feel kind of oof. And then the stuck just oozes out from there. Dribbling a slimy suck trail behind it.


The anatomy of ack

So let’s rock a quickish anatomy lesson.

If you’d turn to page 364 in your anatomy book…

There are five basic parts to every kind of stuck and struggle.

  • Event
  • Energy
  • Emotions
  • Thoughts
  • Response

Here’s how this thing shakes out.

Some craptastic thing happens.

Which creates craptastic energy. And by energy I mean something that’s closer to electricity or fuel than woo-woo or weird.

And craptastic energy creates craptastic feelings.

So now you feel craptastic. And then you start to have craptastic thoughts. Which leads to – wait for it! – a craptastic response.

In other words, the event creates the energy, which creates the feelings, which create the thoughts, which create the response.

It’s like one big cycle of suck.

So the energy stuff is at the roots of all this. And if funky energy stuff isn’t fixed, you just keep loop-de-looping through the suck again and again and again.

Stuck goes boom!

And not only do you get caught in the Loop Of Suck, but the more fuel your stuck has, the bigger/harder/scary it gets.

Think fire + gas = boom.

The energy created by the craptastic thing that happened gives your stuck its first major shot of fuel.

And how you feel about the whole thing serves up the second shot.

Between these two things, your stuck can build up one hell of a charge.

Because the energy stuff and the emotional stuff are big time players in this equation. They’re the two biggest sources of boom.

Tangle-ey? Twisty? Kinked up? Fixed.

The reason that I love sound-ey stuff so much is because it’s a total rockstar when it comes to working with the energy stuff.

And since the energy stuff affects everything else – including the emotional stuff – sound is pretty much a rockstar at making stuff gorgeous again across the board.

Here’s how it works.

During a session, I’m taking a peek at the energy. Which is the fuel behind the stuck.

I’m looking for tangle-ey bits and twisty bits and kinked up bits.

When I spot some funky schtuff, the sound goes straight to them. And fixes them up. On the spot.

Quickly. Gently. Deeply.

When the energy is fixed, there’s no more fuel to create craptastic feelings. It’s like the valve is just shut off.

And no more fuel means no more stuck.


Plates! Freedom! Hot!

But no more fuel also means no more charge.

Those feelings that were big and scary and overwhelming before?

Not such a big deal now.

And the emotional ack that’s been hanging around forever?


So all the stuff that held you down and held you back pretty much becomes a non-issue.

Which means you get to spend your time and energy amping up your awesome instead of arm wrestling with suck.

It’s like a plate of piping hot freedom baby!

Speedy Gonzales in da house

The other sexy thing about all of this?

The shifting-from-suck-to-awesome stuff happens with the quickness.

Because sound goes right to the roots of what’s cookin’. And when you rock the roots you can make crazy big shifts really, really fast.

And since the energy stuff and the emotional stuff are all shiny and happy, shifting into awesome feels really, really easy too.

No struggle. No resistance. No freaking out about how fast gorgeous shows up.

None of that.

Instead there’s usually lots of happy dancing and eating obscene amounts of chocolate.

The Real World (No, not the lame TV show)

Talking about how stuff works is interesting. Seeing it in action is awesome.

Here are two delicious examples I’ve seen recently.

Example numero uno

I got the coolest email from someone after they snagged my free download.

They had some sticky, been-around-for-awhile relationship hurt. It had been hanging out and funking things up for years.

She listened to the download and had a huge shift. In like ten minutes.

The ouch-ey stuff was way less ouch-ey. She said it didn’t hurt anymore when she thought about the person.

The stuck around what happened was just gone. And she had this gorgeous clarity around the whole thing.

Pure awesomesauce.

Example numero dos

I also did a few sessions with a client that had major work stuck.

She was in a job she hated. And she wanted to do her own thing.

Like really, really wanted to do it.

But pretty much everyone she talked to said it was a bad idea.

And one person that she was really close to told her that the thing she wanted to do was dumb. And that she had no mind for business. So she should just stick to her day job.


So she totally stopped working on her thing. And was totally heartbroken too.

After three sessions, she the emotional ack and the held-back stuff and twisted-up-in-knots stuff had completely shifted. She quit her job and started working on her thing full time. And she’s doing amazingly well at it.

Plus she’s crazy happy. Which is the best thing ever.

Two scoops please

So, yeah.

Sound works wonders with the emotional stuff.

It sends the ack packing and serves up a double dip of liberation on a booyah cone with a sprinkle of yeah, baby!

Which is reason number 5,713 that I love this stuff so much.

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8 Responses to Slime Trails And Speedy Gonzales
  1. Catherine Caine
    April 29, 2010 | 6:51 pm

    Fabeku, just the sound of your voice talking in my head gets me energised. You keep rocking your thing, dearest.
    .-= Catherine Caine´s last blog ..Blast from the past edition =-.

  2. Wulfie
    April 29, 2010 | 7:45 pm

    Great post, as always. Love the slime picture cause…ewwwww…really gets the ick across and the lovely green, well, glow in the dark slime. Yeah.

    This is really a terrific explanation of how energy work…um…works. Thanks for the awesome.

  3. Candace
    April 29, 2010 | 8:25 pm

    You Rock! And sound indeed does shake out the ICK Ack! and Craptastic uglies! Wow.

  4. Katie Schroth
    April 29, 2010 | 8:29 pm

    Wow! I must admit I can’t stop looking at that photo. It has an amazing aliveness to it! As if it waits for an opportunity to sabotage things by sneaking in and taking over.

    Give me the happy dancing and obscene amount of chocolate any day!

    Thanks for sharing how this all works.

    Luv the ease and delight the sound stuff brings.

  5. Josiane
    April 29, 2010 | 10:11 pm

    Those two examples are making me happy, so I can imagine that it must be really awesome for you to see that your thing has such a positive impact on people. You rock, Fabeku!
    .-= Josiane´s last blog ..Middle of the night musings =-.

  6. tama bevan
    April 30, 2010 | 8:43 am

    Great explanation, examples and description of how it all fits together.. the slime really brought it all together for me (love visuals!). I can just imagine how the slime (energy of it) gathers its momentum and consumes what’s in its path and builds momentum till it over flows and stuff oozes out and is released in whatever flavor of yuck we carry!!.. you can run but not hide! And that no matter what kind of yuck we carry the sound shifts and transforms the energy.
    Thanks Fabeku

  7. Rachel Johnson
    April 30, 2010 | 12:54 pm

    Thanks! I love your explanations and they totally resonate with me. Is this what you say to clients that are hesitant to disclose information about stuck emotions? Or do you simply go forward w/o the knowledge and let the sound do the work?

    – Rachel

  8. Fabeku
    May 3, 2010 | 8:39 pm

    @Catherine – You’re sweet. And I appreciate it.

    @Wulfie – The picture really does say it all here, doesn’t it?

    @Candace – You totally get the sound stuff. Which is a thousand kinds of awesome. And I loved seeing the video you have on your site!

    @Katie – I’m with you. Chocolate over slime any day.

    @Josiane – You’re totally right. One of my favorite things about this is seeing awesome stuff happen for awesome people. It may sound cliche, but, seriously, it kind of feels like Christmas all the time around here.

    @Tama – The slime stuff just sucks. And it’s so easy to not catch it until we’re knee deep in it. For me, paying attention to the emotional stuff is an awesome way to catch the slime before it starts taking over. It’s like our feelings are an early alert kind of thing.

    @Rachel – The really cool part about the sound stuff is that the client doesn’t have to tell me much of anything and it’ll still do what it needs to do. So I just let each person tell me whatever they’re comfortable sharing. Then we rock out.

    Thanks, as always, for stopping by and saying hey taters. I appreciate it muchly.

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