Pigs! In! Space!

Pigs! In! Space!

Pigs! In! Space!

This is not a post about Pigs In Space.

But it might just be my best chance ever at working a Pigs In Space reference into the blog.

So I went for it.

Can you blame me?

I mean, c’mon.

Dearth Nadir. Link Hogthrob. Dr. Julius Strangepork.


And if loving the Muppets is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

No gratuitous pig dangling here

Before you jump ship, the reference wasn’t totally gratuitous.

I didn’t dangle plush-ey pig-ey gorgeousness in front of your face for nothing.

I’ve got space on the brain.


Not so much the in-a-galaxy-far-far-away kind. But more like the everyday inside-us-and-all-around-us variety.

And what happens when I start thinking about space?

I walk around the house for three whole days shouting, Piiiiiiiigs! Innnnnnn! Spaaaaaaaaaace!

And now here we are.

Cramming, science and inappropriate giggling

A pal pointed me in the direction of this article.

It’s all about our brains. And digital tech-ey stuff.

And how effed up we get when we constantly cram our heads full of bits and bytes and pings and dings.

You should read the article.

It’s good.

Bonus: They use the phrase dopamine squirt. Which makes me giggle like a 13 year old boy.


I mostly dug the article because it puts some science behind something that’s been popping up a bunch.

People feeling stretched and pulled and twisted and tweaked.

Going through the day – everyday – with a serious case of drag ass.

Who flipped the switch?

I’ve been doing a ton of sessions lately for clients who are feeling totally strung out.

Even when the individual deets are different, the story’s still the same.

Exhausted. Distracted. Uninspired. Anxious.

Feeling completely amped up and totally wiped at the same time.

Being angst-ey and twitch-ey.

Like the fight-or-flight switch is permanently flipped.

One client used the word displaced to explain how they’ve been feeling.

Which seems like a pretty perfect description of this particular flavor of suck.

See Fabeku run. Run Fabeku, run.

And it’s not just my clients.

I’ve totally been feeling this craptastic sense of urgency lately.

Go! Now! Run!


I feel like I’m always ready to respond.

Even when there’s nothing to respond to.

And whenever someone asks me how I am, I catch myself saying busy a lot.


That’s not even an answer.

But, still, it kind of is.


I totally know how important space is.

Because I can’t write or paint or brainstorm or refill without space.

I can’t create music without space either.

I can’t just rush into the studio and slam a few tracks out in between email and coaching clients.

That’s not how I roll.

I need time to sit. And play. And listen.

I need room to let things steep and percolate.
Space to really saturate myself in sound.

So it’s pretty much impossible for me to create without space.

And if you remove all the spaces and pauses and gaps in a song, you don’t have music anymore.

You just have this train wreck of noise that’s a total hot mess.

Kind of like life.

Suck it urgency!

So I’m taking inventory*.

* Which I pretend to do with a robot named Tori. Who lives in my head and looks a lot like Tori Spelling. I have zero explanation for this.

Where do I already have a delicious amount of space?

Most mornings. Before and after sound sessions + coaching calls. Thursdays.

Where do I need more space?

The evenings. Mondays. When I write. The weekends. Anytime I start to feel all Go! Now! Run!


This is good. I have tangible schtuffs to work with.

And I’m totally telling this rushrushrush urgency thing to suck it.

Which means I’m taking more drumming breaks.

And doing extra loooooooong drumming on Mondays.

And I’m making more time during the day to wrestle with Sid the Punk Rock Kitty.

I’m also moving things around on my calendar so that Mondays are more open.

I’m making nightly dates with some singing bowls. Which will be hawt.

And I’m going to be more conscious about unplugging over the weekend*.

* Because I don’t believe the bullshit that says self-employment = working seven days a week. Thanks, but no.

I’m just generally giving myself permission to spontaneously make space whenever and wherever I need it.

And when I do?

I’m going to stand up and shout, Piiiiiiiigs! Innnnnnn! Spaaaaaaaaaace!

Let’s talk

Space is good.

Space is sexy.

Space is essential.

I know this. So now it’s time to rock this.


How ‘bout you?

How do you make space in your world?
Do you have enough of it? Do you need more?
Feel like joining me in spacing out?

Muppet love + imaginary robots are optional.

Dig this?

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20 Responses to Pigs! In! Space!
  1. andrea
    September 30, 2010 | 1:08 pm

    holy moly! i am so with you.

    i just had a big shakeup in my life which is going to result in a sense of m o r e s p a c e. and i am so excited.

    as soon as i made this schedule change, i totally loosened up. a project that had been really really really difficult to work on started to flow. i feel flowy. i feel like “man! why did i ever think i had to rush?”

    this is awesome.
    .-= andrea´s last blog ..love list creating change =-.

  2. Lisa
    September 30, 2010 | 1:36 pm

    As always, a delicious read. Yeah, i always have the space in my life…it’s whether or not I recognize it amidst my expectations and shoulds that makes the difference. *sigh*

    Tee hee…Piiiigs iiiin spaaace!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Keep Going =-.

  3. Kyeli
    September 30, 2010 | 1:41 pm

    Man, I need more space. Lots more. Thanks for pointing it out (and for yelling about Pigs. In space.), because now I’m aware of it and can focus on finding it in my life. <3
    .-= Kyeli´s last blog ..Engaging eCourses =-.

  4. Patty K
    September 30, 2010 | 1:50 pm

    Hell, yeah! Let’s space out. (Talk about describing exactly how I’ve been feeling: completely amped up and totally wiped at the same time.) All because of that feeling of urgency: now, now, now!

    Hee hee – dopamine squirt made me giggle too. (Maybe I’m a 13 year old boy inside.)
    .-= Patty K´s last blog ..What the hell am I doing =-.

  5. Sue
    September 30, 2010 | 2:03 pm

    Now you know why I went to Mt Shasta for a few days. I was totally on overload and overwhelm and could not look at one more article, one more person’s program, one more anything. I needed space baaaad, and there is no place more spacious that I can think of (on land) than that mountain. When it gets to me at home I go for a walk and get nose to nose with nature. I probably need more meditation time, and more drumming time and chanting time and more time with friends. (*Note to self: unplug, Susie, and be good to you ♥)
    .-= Sue´s last blog ..Peace Day Mandala =-.

  6. Pam/Moon'sLark
    September 30, 2010 | 3:04 pm

    Space is one thing that I am feeling a lack of… with the shocking realization that I seem to be practically LIVING with the boyfriend while he waits for Ohio/Saskatchewan courts to get back to him means that for ME I have less space to do things that feed my ME. For me to write, dance, move, do ritual, read… CREATE I need space where I am free to do so without feeling “OMG I need to pay attention to Reg”. Having no time to myself has been a big adjustment.
    .-= Pam/Moon’sLark´s last blog ..One Less Item Everyday- Exploring the Energetic =-.

  7. Katie
    September 30, 2010 | 6:05 pm

    You wrote, “Space is good. Space is sexy. Space is essential.I know this. So now it’s time to rock this.”

    I so agree with you but there are days when I really don’t have enough space at work, but since I am not self-employed, to a certain extent, I cannot control some of the unending demands during working hours.

    But as often as possible, I make space by walking in a local reserve during lunch and on days like today (a simply gorgeous fall day) when no one is rushing into my office with an emergency, I simply ignore the piles of stuff on my desk and tell people I am going outside for a bit to enjoy the incredible day. Even a few minutes outside is revitalizing.

    Also my twice weekly yoga classes have become an amazing “me” time. I typically get to class early to decompress from the day.

    Even with the above, there are still times that are bordering on insane.

    Maybe those are opportunities for me to learn to express my needs (rights maybe) to honor myself, the way I would honor and protect my kids when they were little. A little self TLC.

    I would be glad to join you and others who share suggestions in taking time to space out.

    BTW, I don’t think I will be running around the office yelling Piiiiiiiigs! Innnnnnn! Spaaaaaaaaaace, but maybe I can walk around grinning thinking of people’s reaction if I did!!!

    Thanks for the invite.

  8. Naomi Niles
    September 30, 2010 | 10:06 pm

    Ahhh, space. Love this.

    Lately I’ve been realizing that space is not just a luxury, but a requirement. Because, without space and while being maxed out, I absolutely won’t be able to achieve my goals. And if something’s going to be sacrificed, it’s not going to be the goals. 🙂

    I’ve been input off on the weekend myself lately. I don’t do much twitter, face, other, but I’ll still work on my own stuff that I find fulfilling. For me, the key is to know what type of work fulfills you and leave the space for that.

    Thank you!
    .-= Naomi Niles´s last blog ..Confession Time &amp Other News =-.

  9. David Cohen
    September 30, 2010 | 10:16 pm

    I dig this. Tonight I opted not to attend what was arguably a big deal event in Atlanta for social media-ish, techie, bloggie, people like me – the Mashlanta 2.0 put on by Mashable and Regator. Even though I know it was going to be wall-to-wall with awesome creative people who are plugged-in and full of energy and enthusiasm for a lot of things I’m into, I just couldn’t get into the idea of being wall-to-wall. I needed a little more roominess than that. A bit of barefoot time with Julie talking about nothing important and communicating everything important.
    .-= David Cohen´s last blog ..The wrong post – I made myself write =-.

  10. Pamela Slim
    September 30, 2010 | 11:36 pm

    I am running around my hotel room shouting PIGS IN SPACE!


  11. Tzaddi
    October 1, 2010 | 12:52 am

    Muppet Love!!! I don’t want to be right either 😀

    I can so relate to these feelings. I sometimes cram my day so full that my brain has little time to recharge. My soul gets grumpy.

    It’s such a theme for me that I did a drawing recently called Making Space. I made a few wallpapers out of it to remind me of the intention, and to remind myself that art matters. (I entered a link to that post where you can get the wallpapers if you want.)

    Thanks for talking about this. It’s nice to know others go through the same things, you know? Even better to know we are all Raging Muppet Lovers 😉
    .-= Tzaddi´s last blog ..Common Thread =-.

  12. Catherine Caine
    October 1, 2010 | 4:32 am

    Oh, space. Yes please. Can I get some space in my mind, a quiet and un-BIZZAY glade to let my frazzled brain just sit?

    I’ve been using space as a filler when I’ve run out of juice, not as a conscious choice, as a gift. Must work on that.

    Thank you, duckling.

    .-= Catherine Caine´s last blog ..What the hell do I do =-.

  13. Sue
    October 1, 2010 | 4:02 pm

    I had to come back and share one more thing. I hope Im not being a *clears throat* space hog here.
    Anyway, every Friday I participate in a peer group doing Authentic Movement, which gives me at least 3 hours every week where I unplug and go be in the moment, moving how my body chooses to move, without any outside influence of sound or other direction. No rules, other than to wait and listen to your own body’s internal impulses. I haven’t been for two weeks, due to deadlines and vacay, and I was soooo glad to be back today. Im feeling very aware of the effects of too much time on line after so much time away, and am now contemplating how to get less time on the computer while still doing my art. How can I bring in more balance for me?
    .-= Sue´s last blog ..I Went to the Mountain – Part One =-.

  14. Shannon
    October 1, 2010 | 5:41 pm

    It’s time to play the music… it’s time to light the lights…

    And yeah, amen to the “self-employment does not have to be 24/7”. That’s the space I’m working on making right now.
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Age Before Beauty! =-.

  15. Leila
    October 2, 2010 | 9:09 am

    Yes…inner space…even though I have the coolest tools in the world to help me at the moment…it’s either not quite enough right now, I need to practise more regularly (yes of course I do) or I am wanting external support perhaps – hand holding perhaps.

    Hmmm this is interesting…there may be a useful ask peeping through here for me….

    As always thanks for sharing Fabeku and getting me thinking…

    Going through a very weird, unexpected phase where I am struggling to leave my house at the weekend’s and I don’t know what that’s about, but it doesn’t make me feel good….eyyu phat stuck.

    There’s something here too maybe about all the stress and push and yuckiness of work and then the weekend comes and I am like eeyuuu. I can’t/do’t feel like moving.

    I totally love Sid. Soooo damn gorgeous. I’m gonna think about that too. I need to find out what my Sid the Punk Rock Kitty could be to help me.
    .-= Leila´s last blog ..Lifes not perfect =-.

  16. Barb McMahon
    October 4, 2010 | 2:44 pm

    You had me right up until you said Muppet love was optional 😉

    Somehow, in the way you wrote about space, you made it seem like a something. When most of the time, we think of it as nothing, really.

    And thinking of it as something, rather than nothing, makes it so much easier to protect it and try to get more of it.
    .-= Barb McMahon´s last blog ..Some Links to Start Your Week =-.

  17. Shannon
    October 6, 2010 | 12:28 pm

    Opened this post in my reader today, and now I have the Muppet Show theme in my head again. Just thought you should know.
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..How to Be More “Lucky” =-.

  18. Fabeku
    October 20, 2010 | 2:45 pm

    @Andrea – I totally love that you’re excited about the shakeup and seeing the good schtuffs it’ll bring. Go you!

    And, yeah, I’ve been noticing that, for me, so much of that have-to-rush thing is almost always self-created.

    @Lisa – That’s a really good point – how the space can totally be there. We just miss it because of other stuff. Yes!

    @Kyeli – I hope you’ve found some delicious space for your fabulous self. Piiiiiiiigs! Innnnnnn! Spaaaaaaaaaace!

    @Patty – That urgency thing sucks, doesn’t it? I’m trying to say eff that whenever it pops up. Because, for me, if I indulge it, even a little, it goes totally apeshit. That whole give-an-inch-take-a-mile kind of thing.

    @Sue – I can see how that could be a perfect place to get some space. I’m not around any mountains. But just stepping outside can be an awesome reminder for me of how much space there really is.

    @Pam – Argh. That sounds so hard. No space for you. Other people’s inner and outer stuff happening all around you. Hardhardhard. I’m sending many sorries.

    @Katie – That’s an excellent point that I totally overlooked in my post.

    It’s usually way easier for self-employed people to shape our schedule the way we want it. Not so much when you’re working for someone else.

    One of the things I should have talked about is inner space. Because that’s something we can create pretty much wherever we are. And, sometimes, we need that even more than outer space.

    I feel another post brewing.

    p.s. Can I just say that if you ever did yell Piiiiiiiigs! Innnnnnn! Spaaaaaaaaaace! at the office that you’d be my hero for life?

    @Naomi – I say right on with the requirement thing. I think you’re totally right. Things go all kinds of wonky for me if I don’t leave enough space in my schedule. And what you said about the goals not being sacrificed? Word.

    @David – Yay for taking space! Go you!

    @Pam – Piiiiiiiigs! Innnnnnn! Spaaaaaaaaaace!

    @Tzaddi – Raging Muppet Love forever!

    And I love this: My soul gets grumpy.

    I totally get what you mean. And yay! for art that reminds us of what we most need to know.

    @Catherine – Here’s to mucho space for you to balance the frazzled. (p.s. I heart duckling a lot.)

    @Sue – I love the movement stuff you’ve described here. It’s awesome to see the good schtuff that can come from something like that. Thanks for the deets!

    @Shannon – I feel really strongly about not falling into that 24/7 trap. I see it happening to a lot of people. And I’ve found myself teetering on that ledge more than a few times. But, yeah, I’m convinced that it’s totally smart to avoid that.

    @Leila – I’m sorry about the hard that’s showing up on the weekend. What you said about it possibly being connected to the ack! of the week makes sense to me.

    When I was working for someone else, the weekends were a weird time for me. I’d pushed so hard through the week that I didn’t know what to do on the weekends.

    I hope the hard goes buhbye soon.

    @Barb – More Muppet lurve! Yay!

    And you’re so right about that something vs nothing thing. Finding the somethingness of space was key for me.

    To see it and respect it as a real thing. Because otherwise I’d look at that open time on my calendar as something that needed to be – or at least could be – filled.

    I still struggle with that, actually. But it’s getting better.

    @Shannon – Sweet! I’m glad to spread the Muppet Love far and wide. (grin>

    Thanks, as always, for all of your sharing and smartness. And for hanging out here with me. I appreciate you all tons.

  19. Beth
    October 26, 2010 | 9:25 am

    Honestly, my day just got better because you referenced (and made me think of) the Muppets. Yay, Muppet Show!!!!
    And the space stuff? Awesome. One thing I notice is that when I don’t give myself space, I end up spending huge chunks of time being utterly unproductive. It’s my subconciouss getting back at me. So this week, I will try and make space. So that work time can be good, jiving work time. And space can be…space.

  20. Fabeku
    October 28, 2010 | 6:26 pm

    @Beth – The Muppets do kind of make everything better, don’t they?

    I also love what you said about what happens when you don’t give yourself space. The same thing happens to me. I’m trying to notice those utterly unproductive dips and take the hint that I need some space to rest or recharge or whatever.

    When we’re always surrounded by pushpushpush messages, making space as a way of supporting productivity can feel counterintuitive. But it totally isn’t.

    And yay you for making space!

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