Now That’s Ninjarific #5 – The Menagerie Of Punk Edition

One of the best things about the interwebs is that it’s filled with lots of groovy stuff.

I mean, sure, it’s also filled with lots of crap and bunches of snooze. But some stuff is so ninjarific that it just begs to be shared.

Thus the advent of the Now That’s Ninjarific series.

Now I have a place to share the awesomesauce stuff I bump into with some of my favorite people ever.

Woot! Yay! And woohoo!

Some of the aforementioned grooviness is sound stuff. Some of it’s not. All of it’s totally ninjarific. It sort of has to be to qualify for an installment of Now That’s Ninjarific, right?

So I totally didn’t plan on doing another Now That’s Ninjarific today.

But then Johnny dropped this punk-filled awesome bomb. And, well, here I am.

We’ve established that I’m a long-time devotee of all things punk, right?

I mean, I find spirituality in The Sex Pistols and salvation at the shrine of St. Joey.

And I totally rocked the goth/punk thing as a kid.

(Hello, awkward-and-sometimes-woefully-contradictory combo. I see you.)

So, yeah, punk is at the heart of who I am. Even when I’m gonging gongs and thwacking singing bowls.

And Johnny’s dollop of punk awesomesauce inspired me to do a punk rock roundup.

And now, with great pride, I present to you…

The Menagerie of Punk!

Johnny nails it (and manages a perfect NOFX reference in the process)

Johnny B. Truant is a fabulous mix of tech smarts and consulting smarts and taken-to-new-heights foul mouthery.

He also absolutely rocked it with his totally-right-on declaration that all entrepreneurs are punk rock.

He has all kinds of crazy smart stuff to say about why working for yourself or getting your own radtastic thing out into the world is an act of pure punk rock.

But he also dropped the best definition ever of what being punk really means:

“Punk rock isn’t about being a rebel. It’s about being conscious enough to look at everything in your life and ask if it makes sense, or if there’s a better way to do it, regardless of how popular that better alternative may be.”

Punk is – and has always been – a spirit.

Sure, that spirit has expressed itself through fashion and music and culture. But, at the core, punk is a gorgeous, wild, powerful, kick ass spirit.

Mr. Truant totally gets it.

(And he’s @JohnnyBTruant on Twitter.)

Punk pajama party!

There are few things more punk rock than wearing pajamas to a speakers’ conference.

Every day. For three whole days.

That’s exactly what Patty K did.

And she lived to blog about it.

Yeah, it might have been way easier to wear the usual stuffified get up. But Patty did her own thing. She didn’t try to be anybody but Patty.

And all kinds of awesome happened as a result.

The really gorgeous thing about just being you is that it makes it way easier for your right people to find you. And way easier for your not-so-right people to move on.

“Allowing people to ‘self select’ out of meeting me meant I did not waste a lot of precious time or energy talking with people who would ultimately reject me.”

Check out Patty’s site for more acts of wild punk rocker-ey.

Like selling everything to buy a sailboat. Even when she didn’t know how to sail. And then sailing 1000 miles.


She also has one of the best about pages that I’ve ever read.

(She’s @PattyK_ on Twitter.)

Stop whining and write

Patti is one of my favorite people.

She is smart. And funny. And overflowing with courage and creative mojo.

Patti is a speaker and a writer and oh-so-much more. She’s written a book that is a thousand kinds of awesome.

(Get it. Really. It rocks.)

Patti is also a paragon of punk spirit.

This rant on writing had me bouncing and clapping and shouting in my chair. It is chock full of no-nonsense nuggets that get right down to it.

Here’s one of my favorite morsels:

“What is your intention? To build a successful blog, or to actually say what is inside of your heart and mind and every single bloody cell of your being, and that you must somehow export it out into the world before you die”

I’ve gotten kind of sick of the pushpushpush to somehow turn every last thing you do into a marketing message. The constant spin starts to make me dizzy.

Patti is the perfect antidote for that. And I heart her muchly.

Check out her site for way more awesome.

(She’s @pattidigh on Twitter.)

It ain’t about the gear

If you’ve ever listened to punk, you get that it’s not about high end amps or crazy expensive guitars.

It’s about the music. And the fire. And the passion.

It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking that we could really rock our thing if we just had this thing or that thing. We get so hung up on waiting for things instead of just lighting the fuse on our gorgeousness now.

Maker-of-music Mux Mool serves up this awesomesauce reminder that it’s not about your gear. Whatever your gear is. You’ve got everything you need to rock right now.

You can follow Mux on Twitter. And check out this article about him. Which includes a cool bit on how he got his name.

(Found thanks to @kirstinbutler)

Music is everywhere

When you hang out with sound-ey stuff it changes the way you hear the world. You start to hear music in the weirdest places. And it blows your mind.

Sound dude Diego Stocco heard music in sand.

Yeah, sand.

And somehow he managed to create a mash up of sand + magic-film-that-picks-up-sounds + a sampler to make music with sand.

It is wild. And weird. And revolutionary.

Just like punk.

(Found thanks to @tattyfraney)

Your turn
In keeping with tradition, it’s your turn to share your ninjarific bits.

Websites. Books. Music. Various and sundry sightings of fabulousness.

It can be punk. Or non-punk.

It doesn’t really matter.

What kind of awesome have you stumbled on lately?
What’s really blown your mind?

Talk to me.

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4 Responses to Now That’s Ninjarific #5 – The Menagerie Of Punk Edition
  1. Azra
    April 9, 2010 | 12:40 pm

    I just recently rediscovered Webb Wilder and I think his song “Tough It Out” is my new themesong. Well, one of them, anyway. 🙂

    “get offa my line
    ’cause I’m comin’ through
    I’m aimin’ high
    and I’m willin’ to shoot

    I won’t bow, I wont bend
    I won’t break, I’ll tought it out
    I won’t budge, I won’t deal
    I won’t change, I’ll tough it out
    (tough it out) Keep Rockin’ (tough it out) No stoppin’
    ‘Til I win the prize, I’ll tough it out
    (tough it out) straight ahead (tough it out) knock’em dead
    no compromise I’ll tough it out”

  2. Patty K
    April 9, 2010 | 4:11 pm

    Oh my…I don’t know what to say. I feel so honoured. Like I’ve won an award or something. Look! Fabeku put me on a list with *cool kids* – how great is that?

    Here’s my contribution. The name tag guy. Wears a nametag 24/7 – had one tattooed on his chest (that’s punk, right?) – and has received death threats because of it. His motto: stick yourself out there.
    .-= Patty K´s last blog ..It’s all (well, at least partly) about me, dammit =-.

  3. Wulfie
    April 9, 2010 | 6:18 pm

    Good list…laughed out loud more than once.

    My ninjariffic bits? Here of course! And maybe…this, it takes a minute to get going but totally worth it:

  4. Fabeku
    April 15, 2010 | 3:27 pm

    @Azra – I dig those lyrics muchly. Good stuff! I don’t know Webb Wilder. But I’ll check him out. Thanks for the intro.

    @Patty – The cool kids? What could be cooler than a pajama-wearing display of punk rockery. You are the epitome of cool.

    And yeah, tattooing a name tag on your chest is totally punk rock.

    @Wulfie – Ok, I laughed myself silly when I saw that. So much fun. Thanks for that.

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