Dragon Paw Club Marketing

A chord has been struck.

A crazy smart discussion is shaking out.

And I’m a thousand kinds of stoked at the smartness everybody’s bringing.

So let’s keep it going.

Today: What do secret woodland lairs + sales pages + the Illuminati have in common? Click it, yo.

p.s. This is the least swear-ey video so far. Probably still not safe for the cubicle though.

p.p.s. If you have no clue what any of this is about, go here and here.

{Sneak peek: Next week – solutions! I have them. Stay tuned.}

Nothing to see here.

{The video is temporarily wonked. A crack team of gnomes are on it. Stay tuned.}

How does the whole I-have-a-secret thing land with you?
What does it stir up in your inner bits?
Has it caused you to fork over the monies?
How did it work out?

Sellers-of-stuff: How do you talk new + smart + awesome without playing the secrets card?

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