about moi

if i had a business card, it would say:

fabeku fatunmise - head drum-banger + accelerant of awesomeFabeku Fatunmise
Business awesomizer.
Suck exorcist.

Sonic alchemist.

if i had a un-résumé, it would include:

Almost thirty years of drumming, gong-banging + an ill-fated love affair with a didgeridoo.

Three decades of studying shamanism, including an extended (metaphorical) deep sea dive with West African elders.

Thousands of hours spent mapping the inner landscape, reverse engineering sources of suck + finding the ripcord for radical freedom.

Translating music magics + shamanic secrets into nuggets of biz-building BOOM!

Hundreds of jubilant clients that have shifted stuck, exorcised suck + accelerated the awesome in their life + work.

if i had to etch some timeless wisdom into my tombstone, it would read:

“Go to the place where your face is the stars.”

if i held the most important imaginary business meeting ever, the room would include:

The Ramones, Lady Gaga, Mr. T., Salvador Dali + Yoda (in a booster-chair, of course).

if i could only take three CDs with me to a deserted island, i’d grab:

The Ramones – Loco Live
Krishna Das – Live On Earth (For A Limited Time)
MC5 – Kick Out The Jams

i believe:

That you are not broken.
There’s always reason to hope.
You’re made of bigness.
You are a real life medicine person.
And the world needs your medicine.
Really bad. Preferably now.

riddle me this:

If you were living your raddest life possible – a life exploding with freedom + fulfillment + no holding back – what would your bigness create?

yeah, that's a ninja.

rock the mic:

Check out what I do. Tell me what’s slowing you down. And I’ll tell you how we can crank the volume UP.

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